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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Significant Other Based On Their Love Language

Presents, both wrapped and unwrapped, next to a magazine laid out on a white bedspread atop of a white bed in a room


Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which means roses, candlelit dinner plans, and all things romantic. On the downside, with the oversaturation of Valentine’s gift ideas, you might find yourself overwhelmed by what’s the best gift for your significant other.

But there is a way of making your gift extra special – by buying a VDay gift according to their individual love language.

So, what is a love language?

Based on Gary Chapman’s book, “The 5 Love Languages”, these detail the ways people receive and express love. Verywell Mind backs up that understanding your significant other’s love language – and letting them know yours – could help you two feel better loved and appreciated.

And though it might not be a conventional “Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and her” list, showing you understand and appreciate them deeply is an equally romantic way for you to put the “happy” in Happy Valentine’s Day.


A couple talking to each other and laughing while sitting on a bed in their room, holding mugs


Words of Affirmation

One word to sum up your relationship: communication – about everything, from how you’re feeling to issues you’re facing.

They’re your biggest cheerleaders and are always ready to talk to you. Mindful and meticulous about words they use, this attitude is reflected in their need to be on top of things, making them the planners in your dynamic.

Which is great for you, since you can always count on them to make decisions – a major advantage during the “What’s for lunch?” dilemma. 

To you, your relationship is like a boost of comfort and confidence. And opting for the top-tier Sonno Mattress Topper to repay your top-tier supporter this Valentine’s Day, to you, is truly a no-brainer.

Acts of Service

If people looked up the proverb “actions speak louder than words”, you’re sure there’d be a photo of your significant other there.

They’re the first to help you with everything: from lugging the grocery bags from the car to preparing everything needed before heading out. No matter what the problem is, or what you need, they never hesitate to show up for you.

They’re generous with their time and effort, consistently volunteering themselves for help. Most times, you don’t even have to ask, and they don’t expect a thank you. 

You want to let them know you value their steadfast, reassuring presence through your special Valentine’s present – a comfortable Sonno Pillow, to offer them the same sense of support they gift you every day.


A couple seated with the man kissing his girlfriend on the forehead


Physical Touch

The first thing they do when they come home is to shower you with affection: kisses on the cheek, back hugs, and the occasional jump-scare if you hadn’t realised they were back.

It’s simply comfortable to be around them, even when you’re both busy with your own things. They’ll make sure to sneak in a few cuddles, or lean against you on the sofa – which both lifts your mood and lets you know they’re there when you need them. 

On top of making you feel secure, you know that your contact is something intimate they relish in. So when it comes to picking Valentine’s Day gifts, you know there’s nothing better than a Huggy Blanket for them to feel safe and warm, all night long.

Quality Time

They have the special ability to make you feel like you’re the only person in the world. Attentive, engaged, and always ready to spend time with you even on the busiest days, they make any time together – even if it’s a brief coffee before work – magical.

On days off, whether it’s a day of hotspot cafe-hopping or just snuggling up to your favourite movies in bed, the sheer happiness in spending uninterrupted time with you is exactly what your significant other treasures most. You bask in an undeniable joy and certainty that they always have your back – and with a supportive Sonno Original Mattress, you can show them that you have theirs too.

Receiving Gifts

Really, you find it sweet how much they think about you; proven by the number of times you’ve found presents awaiting your return home, from small snacks to extravagant luxury items to make you happy. They don’t wait for occasions to buy you things, they do it simply “because it reminded them of you”.

That having been said, they are the worst to shop for. Not only are they the best gift-givers to others, they’re also the best gift-givers…to themselves.

And while you adore the thought behind every present you receive, you want them to take a break from their exorbitant gift-giving this year. Which means your Valentine’s Day plans involve them having a rest with your extra special gift of a Sonno Lite Mattress, the perfect pick for the person with everything.