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How It Works


Free Shipping

Buy Sonno exclusively and easily online in a few clicks. Your new mattress will ship free within 3-5 days in Malaysia.

Delivered in a Box

Your amazing bed-in-a-box will be delivered at your doorstep compressed in a beautiful box.


100 Nights Trial

Sleep, rest and dream in utter luxury for 100 whole nights. Free return and 10 years warranty.

The Mattress

Sonno is a high-quality, high-performance mattress designed to instantly enhance your sleep. You’ll find your new Sonno making a remarkable difference in the quality of your everyday life.

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Bet you've never seen a mattress like this

Using your brand-new, state-of-the-art mattress is easy. Put the rolled mattress on your bed, uncover it and unroll it. You can use it almost immediately; remember, it’s not like any other bed you’ve ever experienced.


Kavita Sidhu

"Mattress delivered to our doorstep rolled up in a box! A very innovative concept, love the firmness and feel of it."

- Kavita

Monika Sta Maria

"I never knew a mattress can completely change my standards of comfort. I promise I have the deepest sleeps and the best rests I never really had in a long time. "

- Monika



Straightforward process, fast delivery and awesome mattress. I can honestly say I haven't slept better in years!

Sarah M, 48


With 100 nights trial there is no risk. I was skeptical about not trying Sonno before buy but I definitely made the right choice.

Brian F, 30


Love my Sonno! It really improved my sleep, it seems to be getting better over time too.

Adam K, 35

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