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Sonno mattress

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✔ 100 nights trial

✔ Free delivery and free return

✔ 10 years warranty

✔ Natural latex, memory foam and premium removable cover

✔ Unparalleled support and sumptuous comfort 

✔ No unhealthy pocketed springs

✔ No partner disturbance


Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Comfy SLeeps

Our previous bed was a nightmare for me especially when kids, my husband go on to the bed while i am sleeping, as I can feel the motion and wakes up to that. But after trying Sonno, I had very good sleep where I do not even aware when my husband is up or go to bed :)

best bed before bucks

we order the mattress initially with a little hessitation. While our baby will sleep at night in her own cribs, during the day she will be playing around this mattress, laid directly on top of the floor to avoid falling. The smell of the new mattress is mild and completely gone by day two, so that is reassuring that there is little to no chemical coming out from the bed. The firmness is not too soft, there s no worry of suffocation. Motion transfer is very minimum too so when someone lay down next to the sleeping baby, she wont even feel it. As for me, I can see my sleep quality improvement from my smart watch, deep sleep now increased up to 3-4 hours per night, prior to using this matress I can only get 1 hours of deep sleep in one night.
No need for 100 nights trial

Good Night and Great Sleep

Sleep well in night and more deep sleep in the night. The bed can keep the warm and not too hot for body.

It solve my back pain problem

Every morning when wake up feeling tired and back pain. I do a lot of research on many others mattress specification and review and almost decided to buy a ten thousand over price tag mattress.Now I'm happy the Sonno mattress and looking forward to try out the new pillow.

5 Reasons You Should Buy Sonno

I am using it for about a month, overall I am satisfied with this mattress.

1. Lower Back Pain Friendly
I've lower back pain (it is killing me sometimes!), therefore I am very careful in choosing the right mattress that helps me relieve my lower back stress while sleeping. I don't know how to describe how good is this mattress, but when I woke up in the morning, my lower back feels better after a night sleep.

2. Hassle Free
I am a digital savvy guy, online shopping always save time (Sonno only operate online to lower down cost and selling price).

Unboxing it wasn't that hard. You can do it alone if you are strong enough. Else, get a person to help you. Check the manual, there is a small cutter in it for you to cut the plastic off.

3. Everybody Loves Discount (Who don't?)
I am meeting my friends in Jaya One for lunch, coincidentally Sonno has a display unit inside the Pop store. I tried it out there before I made my purchase. To be fair, I don't want to disclose the discount code here, if you are really interested, go check it out there and get the discount code from the leaflet.

4. 100 Days Cash Returned (Read T&C)
Risk-free purchased, probably after using it 30~60 days and if you don't like it, you can still ask for the refund. Where can you find such a good online seller in Malaysia? Not many as I know.

5. Fast Delivery
I received it within 2 working days, which consider pretty alright (even during 11.11 massive online shopping period). I guess I-Store-I-Send is doing a good job managing it as well.

Add-On: You wouldn't notice if your partner is getting in or off the bed, basically you feel nothing and you can have a good night sleep.

Just buy and try it yourself.