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Sonno the pillow
Johnwesley Balan
Sleep Tight for Better Tomorrow

I was sleep using this Sonno mattress and pillows for more than three weeks now. My back pain is healing slowly and no more wake up in the middle of the night. The material is very soft. I like it so much.

Sonno the pillow
Finally found a pillow for me

I’ve been finding pillow that suits me but I finally found it which I find Sonno pillow suits my neck the most

Sonno Original
Bengwei Chiam
Queen bed (ori) + pillow + bolster

I worry it will be very soft since no spring, but it is very firm. When laying on it, it will slowly support all of my back or side, which u wont feel hanging. Have tested around 2 weeks, back pain using old mattress are long gone. Love it! Pillow are quite nice, support well with my back or side sleep. Bolster is a little hard, but still love it!

Best investment for health

Always woke up with lower backache in my 10 + year old mattress but no more! Decided to purchase Sonno and the price really matches the quality.

Sonno Bed Sheets
Best sheets ever!!

These are the best sheets ever. So soft and smooth. Every one in my family now wants one.

很舒服 好眠

很舒服 好眠

My back says thank you!

I’ve been contemplating the Sonno Original for a while now but had reservations as I could not get to the showroom for a test-lay-in. I didn’t have to worry about it at all, it has the perfect firmness for my back and I only want to kick myself for not having made the purchase sooner. I do think people have different preferences but this one tick all my boxes.

Sonno Original
Most comfortable and Worthwhile Mattress Ever

I've compared with so many brands and different products before I buy into Sonno Mattress. The impressive engineering of this mattress and all the good feedbacks from the users help me to decide to go for Sonno Mattress. Quick delivery and excellent customer service. Most importantly the mattress is so so so comfortable to sleep, back pains no more and wake up with a energetic body. Really highly recommend Sonno!

Sonno Bolster
Nurul ashikin Samsi
Tidur kami lebih bermakna

Badan sblm nie guna tilam lama agak sakit dan letih..tapi selepas guna sonno kami tidur kami lebih lena..badan pun xsakit lg..setelah penat bekerja..tidur kami lebih nyenyak😄😄😌

Sonno the pillow
Ruey Shyang
Sonno Queen Mattress

Awesome experience and feel comfortable! Worth buy.

Sonno the pillow
Jackson Gnanamuthu
Awesome Satisfaction

Never had thought the mattress, pillow n bolster will be so comfortable and it feels I’m in heaven after a tiring day working in kitchen and having a nice shower then to the bed… Thanks again Sonno for the best mattress, pillow and bolster…

Hug me

Yes! Sonno Huggy Blanket was like a gentle hug when I'm asleep. I've been wanting to get a weighted blanket and I did not hesitate one beat when I see Sonno's Huggy Blanket. Turns out it was the right choice! I was able to sleep more peacefully on nights I use Huggy blanket. It helps a lot with my anxiety as well. Love love love the Huggy blanket!

Sonno Bed Sheets
Conn Yee Woon
Unbelievable cooling effect from the bedsheet!

Unbelievable cooling effect from the bedsheet!

Sonno Original
Tan Cheng Chan
Best mattress ever

I have another mattress from branded store (KK). I used the mattress for 2 years. And I thought that us the best experience until I try Sonno Queen mattress. It changed. The comfort is another level. Love it.

Sonno Duvet
William Lim
comfort and superd quality

good quality and comfort after trying a month.

Sonno Huggy Blanket
Mabel Khoo Shu-Fen
Sonno Huggy Blanket

Amazingly comfortable.Bought it for my hubby as he is always has a hard time sleeping. The blanket has helped him have a more comfortable and deep sleep.

Sonno Bolster
Fariz Mohamad
A pillow for all ages!

I had bought a Sonno pillow because i had neck pains when waking up in the morning due to my pillow. It was the first time is years i woke up pain free after using the pillow. My daughter took a nap on my pillow one day and as i was going to bed that evening,to my suprise i noticed the Sonno pillow had been switched out with another pillow and my daughter had taken it to her bed to sleep on! So what did i do? I had to get another few more pillows for the rest of the family! You’ve got a forever customer in me!

Sonno Original
Quan Xin Lee
Best mattress and pillow :)

Love the mattress and the pillow!

The mattress is firm with a good support but soft and comfy for the back

The pillow is great for my neck and is so comfortable to get a good night’s sleep.

Sonno Huggy Blanket
HanJian Chung
Heavy weight champion

Love it, felt like John cena is hugging me but I can’t see him. Long story short, makes you feel safe. Peaceful sleep.

Sonno Original
Nuraesyah Marzuki
Took my time to love the mattress

I was shopping around for a new mattress and i was doubtful to get sonno original at first but i gave it a try anyway after reading all the positive reviews. My first night on the mattress; it was ok and did not strike me as exceptional. I think because i have a light & petite figure but it was definitely more comfortable than my old mattress, especially since my old mattress was super hard. The sonno original mattress was still way better for me on the first night i slept on it and I even wondered how did i manage to sleep on my old hard mattress.

Now is my 2nd week after sleeping on sonno mattress and bedsheet; it honestly feels more and more comfortable each night i sleep on them as the mattress starts to take my shape and cushion my body really well. It took its time but now it feels like it's definitely my best purchase ever this year. It feels like the best mattress i've slept on and i'm so happy that it's mine hahah.

Yes, it did take some time for the mattress to feel completely comfortable for me to sleep on it but now after 2 weeks, it certainly did not disappoint. It feels more comfortable each night and the sonno sheets complement my sleep really well. For the price tag, it's well more than reasonable for what they offer compared to other mattresses out there with mind blowing price tags!

Thank you Sonno!

Sonno the pillow
Benny Heng
Sonno Matress review

It's my 4th week sleeping on the bed with the pillow- i thought the pillow was a bit low initially and soft but it matched the bed perfect.
I was a bit skeptical- because of the contradicting reviews other brands were pointing, this brand did not resort to that practice like what the others did.
These guys know what they're selling, the tempreature off the bed and the support it provides -is AMAZING! on hot days- i didnt need the air cond and the bed kept cool. These guys know what they're selling and they've been quite honest in their advertising and support- someone responds to the messages and answers your questions.
If there is one thing, that led me to buying this brand was - the unsual stand they took when the competitor shamelessly advertise as if it's acceptable to shame other brand to promote their own brand. I'm glad i bought this matress and it was worth the money for the quality.

Sonno Lite
Comfortable Single Mattress

I ordered the sono lite single mattress, the delivery was fast with very high-tech compact packaging.
The mattress is very comfortable, not too hard not too soft. even i odered the 'lite' the thickness is still quite thick.
although it is quite pricey, I am satisfied with the purchase and even got free bolster.

Dino snore with the Sonno mattress topper

Honestly, my back hasn’t felt this loved in a long long time. I love the mattress topper, it hugs my body appropriately. ♥️

Sonno the pillow
Jeffrey Chew
5C is in equality to PERFECT! Sonno is to defined as perfect as it has 5C too

My mother told me before. Security and perfectionist can be achieved by only getting 5C. The 5C packages are as following, a MAN MUST have sufficient cash, a car to solve transportation issue, a condo for a cozy haven, a country club and a credit card for emergency expenses. I could find the concept of 5C on Sonno mattress as well. The mattress is COMFORTABLE to sleep, purchase method is CONVENIENT as it can be purchased via online, the prices are CONSUMER-friendly. It is also COZY and bring relaxation effect to our mind and body. Last but not least, it is CLASSY and easily match with our furniture and atmosphere in bedroom. TO GET PERFECT MATTRESS, ONLY AT SONNO!

Sonno the pillow
kianjia lim
Best tiram ever!

I’ve been try in 2weeks, really best and nice