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Sonno Original
Nabil Zakaria
Back ache disappeared after one night on Sonno

Was using an old mattress for a long time so the change was a 180° change. Woke up feeling so good after the sleep on the first night. Other than that, am I the only one who feels the mattress cover could be of higher quality? Only gripe. Other than that, perfect.

Sonno the pillow
Get comfort with reasonable price

Bought the queen size mattress with the pillow 3 weeks ago. I would say it is so comfortable to sleep on the mattress although it is not thick as other luxury brand. It does help on my insomia problem as I can sleep till next morning ! Worth buy !

Sonno Original
June Liew
Silence Bed

I named it silence bed . Its given me awesome sleep .I'm a light sleep person ,i felt nonthing when the person beside me movement .

Sonno the pillow
Sri Shaz Datin

I had a wow sleep. My whole body was grounded

Sonno the pillow
Pamela Eow

Soft as cloud

Sonno Original
Troy Choi
My sleep is never been better

Just bought is few weeks ago and i can't wait to sleep on it every night. The mattress hardness is just right and it does help my issue with backache when i woke up in the morning. Now saving money to buy the next Sonno mattress!

Sonno Bed Sheets
Christina Teo
Smooth as the baby's bottom

The sheets were so soft and silky and makes it so SO difficult to get out of bed! I bought the duvet cover to try it out and now I'm SOLD for the rest of the bedding sheets and sets.. Love love

Sonno Bed Sheets
Superb comfort for my back pain problem

I was hesitant before buying sonno as there are many brand outside with equal quality but i decided to choose Sonno and living my dream sleep. What a great choice I made.

Thank you


Sonno Bed Sheets
Damon Tan
Sonno cares about your sleep

i bought sonno original, the bedsheet, and the pillow. i been sleeping so deep and well. totally recommend, even better if they produce better bolster

Fast delivery and nice product

Product really nice , i love it, i has full set sonno.thanks sonno❤️

Bye bye back pain!

The back pain that had been haunting me for months got exorcised almost immediately after getting my Sonno mattress! I thought I was still dreaming when I woke up in the morning feeling fresh and ready to go. I would recommend Sonno to everyone, with or without back aches.

Sonno the pillow
Nayira Khir
Repeated again and again

Bought this Sonno pillow after a lot of research and recommendation from a close friend. So far the best pillow I have ever slept ! Honestly from someone who has a very bad posture and uncontrollable sleeping position, this pillow suits all ! Thank you, will repeat again later for a gifts :)

The go to place for holistic sleeping solution

This is my third purchase with Sonno. My sleep quality has improved drastically since I started my Sonno journey with its mattress, followed by the pillows, then mattress protector. Definitely the best bedding solution I would like to recommend to my parents and friends.


Satisfied with the mattress protector, with added comfort, resulted a good night sleep.

Sleep like a baby!

My not-so-baby 5 year old boy slept like a baby in his new room, on his new bed and on his new super comfy sonno mattress! Happy parent finally sleeping soundly in the next room. Definitely worth the purchase!

Sonno Original
Aishah Jaafar
Firm yet

Bought the Sonno original after reading reviews and it did not disappoint. Its firm yet when you lie down you somewhat "sink" into it and it's so so comfortable. I no longer wake up when my husband goes to the toilet in the middle of the night. No regrets buying this, absolutely love it!

Sonno Bolster
Nicholas Gonyea
So no mattress is great

The sonno of mattress is probably the best home mattress my wife and I have slept on. Firm, yet comfortable, while one can rise from bed without the other noticing.

Sonno Original
Afiqah Sawal
It works!

No more back pain 😊

Sonno Original

I would say it was unexpected. The bed is really really good!!. For the price, I would not think twice!. Definitely will buy another bed with Sonno again for my other room in future. The firmness but very comfy feeling wakes you up so fresh the next morning. No regrets at all.

Thank you Sonno

Sonno Original
Sean Chew
Its been a month

So far so good. Its comfortable and firm to support to back

Sonno Bolster
Allan Wong
Is a bed that done right in every way.

No complaint at all...

Sonno the Featherweight Champion!

I have been looking for a good bed sheet and pillow sheets al this while but always never seem to sleep well. The very first day i got my Sonno sheets i was so excited to try them out, lo and behold they are really comforting! Do try out their waterproof mattress protector, this is especially important for me because i like to have my morning coffee on the bed while reading newspaper.

Sonno Weighted Blanket

Its a good product, the weight is just nice that I can move around if I want to and is heavy enough that I feel secured at night. Amazing product, would recommend. Only some parts the beads accumulate and not evenly distributed. Other than that, its perfect.

Sonno Original

This is definitely worth buying. It is far better than mattresses I bought before which are twice more pricy than Sonno's. It is so comfortable that I can quickly go into deep sleep every night.