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Sonno Sleep Success Stories

Discover how our mattresses and sleep products have transformed the rest and lives of our customers. Real stories, real comfort, real change.
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Sonno Luxe Hybrid
Wei Chin Lau
First time buyer

Oh my god. Can’t believe until I tried on the mattress. Super duper comfortable and worth for money.
Sonno 💪👍

Sonno Duvet
Guat Lan Chng
Sonno original mattress

the mattress is good to sleep.

Sonno Original
Sonno Original Single (Ikea) Mattress

The packaging was easy to install. It was flat and miraculously expanded upon opening the plastic. Mattress soft yet firm. Customer service was excellent and quick in responding.

Sonno Original
Hee Yeow Aun

Sonno Original

Sonno Original
Kavinraj Vijayaraj
Money well spent!

I’m not exaggerating. Wife and me changed 2 conventional mattress twice in a year. Our neck & back just didn’t agree with any! We got ourselves a Sonno Original & we woke up with an overnight satisfaction! Not even kidding - overnight. Thanks Sonno.

Bedsheet & duvet

Its the second time I bought Sonno’s bedsheet set and duvet cover ! It is so comfortable & easy to maintain !

Its my first time buying the bolster ! Its so my type of comfortable too

The Only Matters will be choose again in lifetime

1. Good Body Support
2. No sound
3. Good Sleep

Sonno Bed Sheets
Hafiz Hisham
Bedsheets from heaven

Bought the bedsheets and duvet cover recently. Have been sleeping like a baby ever since! Love them so much I bought another one the month after. Thank u!

Sonno Original
Sze Ping Mok
Supportive and comfortable mattress

I loves to sleep on latex mattress which gave a supportive to my backbone whereby I have back pain problem, however in the furniture shop, mostly is spring with latex mattress, which I actually bought one and cause my backpain back again. After I bought sonno mattress, after 2-3 weeks, my back pain and shoulder tiredness seem to reduce. So happy I got a good one this times after trying many other brands.😍

Sonno Bed Sheets
Crystal Lee
Very comfortable sheets

Silky and breathable sheets. Body doesnt feel hot during sleep anymore since I changed o Sonno sheets!

Sonno Pillow

Overall great pillow!

Sonno Lite
Desmond Tan
Not gonna regret, gonna get more

It is a good investment on getting one. I thought I’m gonna regret getting one but turns out it is better than I thought. Going to get more on the next purchase.

Sonno Luxe Hybrid
Marylin Binar
Sleeping on a Cloud

The best ever mattress that i ever had.. imagine that u slept on 20 years old mattress and when u had a chance to change to a superb good one?!!! I can express that feeling.. no regrets buying this sonno luxe hybrid mattress 🤍

Sonno Bed Sheets
Daniel Lau
Fantastic mattress!

My previous mattress gave me backaches every morning after waking up. With Sonno, my backaches is gone! Thank you Sonno.

Lovely luxe hybrid mattress

My wife is thrilled with our purchase of the luxe hybrid mattress. With the addition of a weighted blanket, she now enjoys long, deep, and incredibly comfortable sleep.

Sonno Huggy Blanket
Xing YI Tang
Blanket in a hug

Comforting blanket that improves sleep quality up a level! Keeps me warm and secure

First time using a weighted blanket - what a revelation!

I am based outside Malaysia. During my trip to Penang island, Sonno promptly delivered the huggy blanket to my hotel. I immediately felt the benefits of using a weighted blanket. I am looking forward to more sizes.

Priceless nights

The wooden bedframe is sturdy and good quality, plus easy to install

Original mattress:
This is my third repeated order.
The mattress is comfortable, can fully support the body, suitable for young and adult.

The customer service is very patience and responsive. Thank you.

Sonno Lite
Muiz Shakib
Sleeping beauty

Now my daughter sleeps well since day 1 she tried sonno matress and declared “her matress and no one else may laid on her matress”.

No more tossing and turning since Sonno!

We recently purchased 2 Sonno Mattress Toppers, 1 queen sized and 1 super single. What a game changer it has been! The soft, yet full support of these toppers have been the cause of many full night’s sleeps. We gifted one to our pregnant daughter, and this was cure for the dreaded leg pain that comes from having to sleep on your side. With the topper’s support, there is less pressure on one leg, and no need to turn during the night. This reduces the need to wake up to reposition yourself, enhancing the sleeping experience. We very much recommend the Sonno Mattress Topper for an uninterrupted night’s sleep!

Sonno the pillow
Edrian John

Sonno the pillow

Sonno Original
Daniel Teoh
Dreaming away peacefully … every night

Amazing sleep since i had the sonno original mattress and i am definitely not going back to any other mattress! The support team was so helpful into arranging my needs and all my questions! Kudos to the team for great follow up via whatsapp and call.

Sonno Bolster


Sonno Lite
Catalina Isaiah Brockland
Very happy

We are very happy with our purchase... The mattress is super comfortable... Recommended

Sonno Original
Edrian John

Best mattress ever!