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Waking Up is a Joy Now

I used to get frequent neck or shoulder pain whenever I woke up from bed, something I did not look forward to. After switching to Sonno, those aches are long gone! I look forward to a great night's sleep now. The texture of the Sonno pillow is superb - they've somehow created the perfect firm-yet-soft combo. I'll definitely be recommending it to my friends and family. Truly the best pillow in the world. Great job Sonno!


I have been changing my pillows multiple times over the span of one year but could not get the best pillow. When I heard about Sonno, I went to try and have never regretted my purchase! Thank you Sonno for giving me my beauty sleeps!

Really Nice

1st Day Sleep on Sonno,comform and classy

A good night's sleep

I suffer from slip disc and shoulder ligament tear. It helps to improve my sleep quality so much. love it.

Gets you in trouble

I unboxed my Sonno mattress in my newly rented apartment and was curious if all the reviews were true or just hype. I got on my Sonno only to fall asleep for 3 hours, missing my cab to the airport and having to throw anything I could find into my bag to catch the flight.

Writing from my work travel Airbnb in Germany currently and I can assure you that I'm definitely missing my Sonno.

Father's day gift to my dad

Chose Sonno mattress for my father because all these year he slepping on a common cheap mattress cause him backache and not comfortable to sleep. Sonno solved his backache problems after few weeks and so glad he is in good shape now.

Best bed ever

Doubted at first but decided to go ahead and try since we got nothing to lose, but turn out really really good. Most comfortable bed ever slept on.

Great product

We came across Sonno advertisement on Facebook. Since we were in the midst of changing our pillows which we do yearly, we gave Sonno a try this time around. Very satisfied with the quality and service from Sonno.


First House First True Investment!

I am not sure what kind of fate is this but i somehow manage to found out Sonno while waiting my house loan approval. Since this is my first house, and sleep is the most important in life. So far, i am super satisfy after using it for few weeks. Super Recommend.

Sonno Pillow

I have been tried Sonno pillow for 3 months and it is very nice to sleep with. It improves my sleeping and now my wife also want to get one. Would definitely recommend to my friend.

Best sleep ever

You will never regret it, now you know what is sleep all about.

Best pillow + mattress combination

Both pillow and mattress hugs my body and neck shape so comfortably that I sleep through the night. As a very light sleeper, a tiny movement will wake me up but that is not the case anymore with Sonno! Thank you for the amazing hard work ...

Search for the “Best Pillow in The World” is over!

Think about it.
We always wanted the best pillow at home. I don’t know about others but I did fight with my siblings for the best pillow at home when we were kids. As an adult, spending money on the most expensive pillow might not be a guarantee that you will have a sound sleep.

Now the hunt for the “Best pillow in the world” is over with Sonno Pillow. I was amazed and still amazes with how it reacts to different weight of head and adjust accordingly like magic. Is this the world we are living now, a magical fantasy world?

But, the fight for the best pillow is not over at my house now as the sweet fight continues with my wife and daughter for the pillow at home.

Buy this pillow boys and girls. You will never regret.

My first time with Sonno

I used to be able to sleep only with a specific position due to my back pain. Now with Sonno, I am able fall asleep with any position straight through until morning. My back pain issue are gone as well. Definitely recommended for everyone.

5 Stars Service

They settled the delivery problem with immediate response. The beds are so comfy, and less disturbance. Me and my sister loved it very much, she told she had a good slept, and me as well.

This mattress is a dream!

I've always been curious about Sonno after seeing all the ads and reviews. So when me and my partner moved into a new house, I decided to splurge on a King size mattress. The mattress arrived on the exact day we got the keys to our new apartment. Delivery was prompt and seamless. The mattress is exactly as advertised. Very comfortable and zero partner disturbance, which is a huge deciding factor for me. I have no regrets purchasing this mattress!

A return customer

This is my third purchase, bought 5 pillows.
Nuff said.

Been sleeping like a baby

I got to admit I was skeptical on how good a pillow good be. However, after much deliberation, I've decided to go ahead and purchase. It has been the best decision I have made so far and I have been having such deep sleep. So if anyone's thinking of buying this pillow, just go ahead :)

SOFThisticated pillow

Mom asked “ what kind of pillow can squeeze in a box?” Air pressed ma... honestly after sometime using a pillow it will flat down and Sonno actually Air pressed it for their customers to setup their bed/pillow easily. I’m thinking will it be flat liao by the time i used it?? (Obviously no la after sleeping with it for about one week) but I really waited for it to bounce out the moment i cut it open (nah.. just simply softhisticatedly reform to a pillow). Till now i still haven’t find a suitable pillow case because i really love the soft touch of the “beehives”. I love to rest my head on it and sink my hand underneath the pillow till i fall asleep! Can’t imagine what Sonno mattress will do to me ( i mean i think I’ll bedridden forever) hahahahaha choi!! a bit kua jeong but ya will consider it when i need to change my bed :)

100 night trial? Nah. chucked my old mattress after 3 nights

Great business model to try with assurance of a return policy. But i loved the mattress immediately. The people at Sonno were also super helpful with info and were proactive in a good way to close the deal. Thank you and am already raving about it to my family and friends. I'm even on my way to my first referral reward. FTW.

Awesome pillow

Such a wonderful pillow, no more neck pain. A lovely night's sleep. Bought one for my wife as well.

Just do it

Dropping 2.5k for a bed sounds unnecessary but when you’re a working adult that’s hustling between a few businesses, it’s definitely worth it. Ever seen a huge grown man sleep like a baby? I haven’t slept that well for the last 10 years.
And the installment plans make it even better.

Great Mattress

I love this mattress, my back pain is now gone. Thank you Sonos team! you are very responsive to any question and follow up, love your dedication to customer support.

An Unusual Pillow

When receiving the parcel, the size is convenient to carry around(Plus point). Upon unboxing the pillow, the pillow is airtight sealed which is why it could fit in a box. The fun part was after taking it out, you'll see the pillow slowly expanding to a full size pillow.
Okay, now to talk about the experience. At first, i didn't like it because it was soft(not used to it). After 1 week of using it, i find myself not waking up in the middle of the night or turning around. That's when i realize, the pillow doesn't get warm at the same position so you wouldn't need to change position or flip the pillow the other side(I believe many have this experience). I've used a few pillows before and mostly will get warm after some time but this one is unusual. Give it a try and you'll get to "Sleep with Comfort".

Best Customer Service And Of Coz the MATTRESS

Didnt have any expectations.

Had a very good follow up from pre-sales to after sales.

I had back pain and after a week, the pain seems to be gone.

Firm and good support through out from upper body and lower body.

Just one thing, better shipping company is needed, Had a little of hiccup during delivery.