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I just want a better sleep

Attracted to Sonno because of the 100 nights trial. But after using it for around a week, I get more than just a mattress. Initially I just want a better sleep with a new mattress but I got more than that. It gave me the best sleep which I have dream off since many years ago. Thank you. Now I hope it will last at least 10 years so I do not need to submit for warranty claim.
If you are looking for a better sleep, do try it out. Value for money deal.

Sonno mattress
Quite impressed

Was quite impressed with this mattress. Did not think it would be this comfortable. Some issues with the shipping and took over 2 weeks to reach me.


Comfortable and sleep well with Sonno mattress.

Love at First Use

Forget the overrated hotel pillows. Now make ways for Sonno pillows. Ever since I used Sonno pillows, I have stopped having neck ache every time I wake up in the morning. Hence my days are not spoilt. Thank you Sonno.

excellent product

Nice pillow!

Pillow for you

The softness and the ability to support my head's weight make my sleep perfect.

Just nice

I’ve been using contour pillows for a while now but struggle to find the perfect one...until I decided to give Sonno a try. Everything was just nice from the height of the pillow, the softness/hardness, the shape and size...perfect! Will definitely be getting more for my future new home.

A mattress fit for royalty!

I’m not royalty, but I certainly feel pampered like one everytime I lie down on my Sonno mattress and let it gently send me off to dreamland. The only thing I hate about it is that waking up in the morning now feels like I’m a rat caught in a glue trap trying to escape... it’s that hard!!!

Sonno mattress
Fast & Helpful

The delivery was fast where they want to send over to my place after 2 days of the payment. However, due to traveling conflict, i needed to delayed 2 weeks after was met with good arrangement.

The bed quality was good and i been having quality sleep vs the own mattress and after 2 weeks, i only have good review.

Best value for money

Good quality translates to a good night's sleep. Delivered in a box and magically unfolds into a king sized mattress. Tossing and turning does not interrupt others.


I woke up half way in one morning, of coz stiffness back bone again. so i move to try the sonno mattress which i buy for my son. I cant believe that after 2 hours the stiffness and pain gone. Wow...this mattress really work. Amazing.

The one

Very comfortable, for me, wife and my kids.

Sleep Like Snorlax

After I sleep with Sonno, i sleep well every night at the same time my back pain much more better than last time. I like it very much. I will replace my whole house mattress soon

Solid and comfortable

The Sonno pillow is more on the harder side. Basically if you're the kind of person looking for hotel-like ultra soft and fluffy pillows, you probably will not be fond of the Sonno pillow. However, it doesnt mean that this pillow is bad in any way. In fact, i believe it is better to use a pillow that's not too soft because ultra soft pillows do not provide adequate support. A firmer pillow like the Sonno will benefit the sleeping posture in the long term.

Bond with your pillow

I change pillow like I change my clothes. When starting get to know Sonno pillow, first impression was feeling it is up class. After purchased, found really comfort and feel bonding with it. Don’t want to wake up...

Great even for side sleepers

I’m a side sleeper and this pillow was very comfy as it wasn’t too low and moulds the shape of my head. Great pillow!

By far the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned

By far the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned. It's been just over a week now using it. I'm sleeping better, falling asleep easier and no more neck stiffness in the morning. The mattress is so comfortable that you do not want to get up in the morning. I absolutely love this mattress.

Sonno Mattress

Comfortable with good support

Sonno mattress

I have been purchasing quite a few backpain support mattress, and even more expensive than Sonno, and yet i couldn't get a quality sleep at all. And when i finally manage to try and bought Sonno, my sleep has improve tremendously. Some pain has gone, and some lessen alot for my body, and for that, im thankful to Sonno. Thanks!

Wonder if Latex Mattress

The matress is super comfy with just the right balance of softness but not compromising the firmness for back support . Love it & will purchase again 😊

Fantastic service by Sarah on Instagram

My request for a later delivery date and also a different address was very well accommodated by Sarah which helped me thruout the whole process .
Can’t wait to try the bed

nice matters

really no same another normal matters

Great pillow but shite customer service and delivery

It's super flat and compact when it arrives so you have to wait 24 hours for it to kinda inflate. Good neck support but man, it took over a week and several reaching out to the online chat bot/customer service to sort out their '3-5 days delivery'. That was unpleasant.

Awesome and fantastic bed.

Before i made the purchase, am really hesitate to buy bed online without trying it out. But with research and feedback review from sonno customer review (especially 1 of the review stated geng-chow bed), Sonno do gave me confident. Bought 2 bed in sametime. Parent and myself no complaints at all. Awesome and thumb up 👍

Ya, I got you (Sonno)

Keep on searching thru internet & shopping mall. After I found you & feel you ; for sure Sonno pillow will be the final pillow for me.