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Sonno Bolster
Siew Yen Loo

Love it so much and super fast delivery

Sonno Bolster
so soft

the mattress so soft I feel like i'm sleeping on cloud

My Hero ❤️

This is my 2nd saviour Bedsheet Set purchased in a mere 1 week apart. plus a snooze inviting Pillow. The sheets solved all my allergy issues suffered for years. Grateful for such a heavenly product with such prestigious technology. Sonno my saviour, my hero. ❤️

Sonno the pillow
Aravind Sinniah

Sonno the pillow

Sonno Mattress Protector
Fatin Hakimah Sharifuddin
Sonno Dreamo

Extremely good mattress & pillow! A good choice of mattress & pillow are very important to me as I have a severe back pain. Sonno mattress & pillows definitely helped me reduce the pain away. I’m thinking over buying the bolster next ! 😉

Sonno Original
Brandon Ng
Bought my second Sonno bed

Sonno has been a dream sent. My wife was pregnant and found the bed was able to provide amazing support and is extremely comfortable at the same time.

Sonno Original
Shirley Khoo
Best and Comfort

It give me a good sleep every nite .
Wake up fresh every morning to work .
Best and comfort

Sonno the pillow
Definitely a must-try pillow!

Having tried several memory foam pillows, so far Sonno is the best for me! It's solid but your head just sinks into the pillow perfectly. A good night sleep starts with Sonno!

Sonno Mattress Protector

Terus lena tidur selepas pakai Sonno. Terima kasih Sonno!

Sonno Lite
Sharifah Thuraizah Sayid Hasan
Great product & excellent customer service.

I've made my first purchase after after I saw their ad on socmed & there was some issues on delivery. When I follow up, only then I knew that I wrongly entered my mobile no & Sonno staff trying to reach me out. After this incident, my case was settled within 2 days.

Sunno staff that handled Whatsapp account was so attentive & guided me from the day I encountered the problems until I received the product.

Sonno the pillow
Anson Low

I often oversleep now. This pillow forces me to set the alarm else I forget to wake up. I have almost been late to work a few times. Phew~ This pillow got magic.

I regret not buying earlier to have a quality sleep.

Sonno Bed Sheets
Shabana P.
Feels like love - soft & smooth

On my birthday, January 7th, I decided to gift myself a set of King sized Sono bed set and I never slept better!

The soft and smooth sheets over my skin felt like being hugged by love… I sleep better and started to get 9-10hrs undisturbed sleep everyday… talk about self love ei?

Psttt… psttt… keep this to yourself I looked forward to sleeping, sleeping naked even to feel the softness on my skin!

Lastly, thank you Sono for your impeccable service and fast delivery.

Self care and self love is so 2030!

Sonno the pillow
Nicholas Lim

Sonno the pillow

Hugger position filled

The weighted blanket feels like a warm hug throughout the night. You won't kick of the blanket yet it is airy.

worth it

good quality. no regret of purchasing this .

Sonno the pillow
Altaf Ismail
Sonno Mattres

I have a back problem, so I am very careful about mattresses in general. I have been using the mattress for a month now and it is just great! It's comfortable and value for money. Definitely worth buying..

Sonno the pillow
Kwan Siang Liew
Thank you

Nothing more to describe Sonno other than "BEST". Thank you for a good night sleep!

Sonno Mattress Topper
Hadi Mohd Noor
Goodnight sleep start with Sonno

Bought a topper for my mattress and instantly feel amazed on how comfort it is, will definitely choose Sonno for future purchases.

Sonno Bed Sheets
vyncen khoo

Sonno Bed Sheets

Sonno Bolster
Loke Min Hui

Nice and Good

Sonno Bed Sheets
Adriana Danish
Tencel Sheets FTW!!

once i’ve tried tencel sheets i could never go back. even the egyptian cottons is not half as good which is why sometimes can be a little bit too expensive and heflty on my wallet but i’m glad that there’s a local brand that can provide of something just as good of a quality for a quarter of the price! Love it!

Sonno Bed Sheets
Kok Wai chai

Very good

Sonno the pillow
Chien Sin Lai
Right pillow for my neck!

I have tried and changed many pillows and still can't get rid of my neck pain until I bought this pillow. This pillow support my head and neck well. Recommended!

Sonno Lite
Pravin Nair
So comfy and sleepy

I was a bit hesitant to get a new bed and moving into my new space. But when I purchased the Sonno Lite (queen)... my god! My sleep has been so nice. I think I should have paired it with the Sonno pillow as well.

Sonno Lite
Chin Zhi Goh
Sonna Lite Single

What a surprise! it's comfortable. Not too soft and not too hard. My backpain reduced after sleep for few night! A good choice with reasonable price.