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Safety arrived and fast delivery within 3 days. The first time I made order mattress at online store, its does't make me disappointed.
Planning to make for 2nd order for my family members.

Thanks SONNO

Love it!

My family loves this mattress! Delivery is fast too!


Good quality mattress with lower price compared to outside retailers.

soo good

Good quality and my family happy with it. Thanks sonno

No more backache

fast delivery and super comfy. Finally no springs and reasonable price. No more backache the next morning. Very good bed to have.

Fantastic bed

Sonno is very comfortable and definitely value for money. Item received in 4 days from order made. Highly recommended

good purchase

really good mattress. Appreciate sonno sent the mattress to my doorstep, good services. So satisfied. Tq Sonno

very comfortable

i love the mattress. very high quality and good price.

my parent love it

bought this tilam for my parent..they love it..other than that just a good product, good seller, fast service....thanks

Top quality mattress

Had been sleeping on it for 5 days. The mattress softness is perfect for me. Not too hard or too soft. Just the right feel for me. Overall this is a perfect mattress

Five stars

very good quality. this mattress can last a long time. terimah kasi sonno!

Awesome experience!

I have been sleeping on Sonno since few weeks already and I have never been more satisfied with my online shopping. The mattress is so comfortable. The process is very easy, the delivery was on time (4 days only) and unboxing Sonno was fun! Highly recommended.


The magic mattress

Exceeded expectations

I’ve had my Sonno mattress for almost a month now and it has really exceeded all my expectations. Back when living in Europe we tried many different memory foam mattresses and often they felt really warm, and sometimes we felt “stuck” while sleeping. The Sonno mattress is very bouncy, and has great circulation of air so we have never felt warm. I’d describe it as medium firm, it won’t give you this “sink in” feeling that the traditional memory foam mattress do. I’m really happy with my Sonno and even with the generous 100-day trial I won’t return it for anything in the world, highly recommend to try it out!

So Happy!

Really pleased that the mattress is what I needed to be able to sleep and not have a back ache in the morning. It was a great choice for me!

I love my Sonno!

I’ve had the Sonno mattress for a week now and it's best mattress I’ve ever owned. Ordering, shipping and delivery were flawless, quick, and easy. Better yet the mattress is great. I love it and I'm sorry that I didn’t get one sooner!
Highly recommended!!

Great mattress, outstanding experience!

Straightforward process, fast delivery and awesome mattress. I can honestly say I haven't slept better in years!

Simply impressed

I've only had a Sonno queen size mattress for a week but it has been a great experience. From ordering and delivery to sleeping on it as well. My friend got one and I helped unpack it. I'd never heard of them before so I was a little skeptical but after some research and a couple of lie downs on my friend's I was hooked. My friend described the mattress as - Not too soft, not too hard, just right and I agree 100%. The only down side is it will make your old mattress feel terrible and your pillow may feel a little low as well as it holds your body/spine in a much flatter, better sleeping posture.