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Great delivery and product

Really confortable the mattress and the delivery was on point. Really easy and smooth process from buying until receiving it

Great value

The price is unbeatable for the quality of the bed you are getting. Great product and price. Keep it up! Not forgetting the return and guarantee offering as well!

Sonno mattress review

My Sonno mattress was delivered quickly and on time. It was easy to prepare (ie just taking off the plastic). It's comfortable yet sturdy. I'm looking to nights of restful sleep.

Outstanding comfort.

The purchase was the best decision I have ever made. It supports my back well enough to still provide tremendous comfort. These days, I cant keep myself off the mattress and can't stop bragging about it to my colleagues to go get one for themselves. Its worth the investment! Thank you Sonno for providing such a great service and improving my quality of life. I just cant thank you enough.

Amazing Bed for Value

I bought a King size mattress, the packaging is very nice. I do have back pain disorder due to work hazard (sitting on the chair most of the time), and would need to visit the massage therapist every 2 weeks. After I got this bed, no longer have the chronic back pain. Absolutely amazing.

The best sleep I've had in a long time

The mattress firmness is just nice for me. It isn't too hard and definitely not too soft. The delivery is pretty on point as well. Love it.

Surprisingly very comfortable!

Bought a single mattress for myself, its been a week now & I am satisfied with my purchase.

Sonno mattress
Perfect mattress with sloppy edges

Received my queen size mattress around last 2 weeks. Perfect bed. Feeling soft yet the firmness still have. With that price, it is value for money. However, the edges of the mattress is very sloppy. It does not have sturdy side. That is the only downside of this mattress.

Surprisingly very good quality mattress

I purchased a Queen size mattress to try out at first. Very satisfied with the quality and we had good night sleep. We have went to showroom tried mattress of many brands. Sonno is comparable with some other really expensive top brands. We like the fact that Sonno is without spring.

Just purchased another 1 more King size and another Queen size.

Good mattress

Very comfortable

Great tech, comfortable

The mattress that came in a box. I had my doubts but it works and it is a comfortable. The edges doesn't provide much support, but it should not matter -- unless you are one who sleeps at the very edge of the bed.

Comfortable Bed

I've been sleeping for two weeks, so far i'm satisfied with the firmness of the bed. Hopefully it last long.


Everything turned out smoothly. And my boy love the mattress!

King Matress very comfortable

Very satisfied with this product. Very comfort too.

Queen Mattress Sonno

Its been a week since I slept in my new Sonno Q mattress. I am very satisfied with the purchase. I used to sleep on very hard mattress (coconut husk type), but decided to try something firm but still comfortable to lie on. I also wanted something good for my back. Sonno mattress does not sink like some spring mattress which are bouncy type. The Latex & Foam on the top ensures it follows your body shape while provides firm support to my back. Kudos Sonno!

Great Bed!

Baby was tumbling around on previous mattress when sleeping. Bought a Sonno and found baby don't tumble as much. Awesome!


Safety arrived and fast delivery within 3 days. The first time I made order mattress at online store, its does't make me disappointed.
Planning to make for 2nd order for my family members.

Thanks SONNO

Love it!

My family loves this mattress! Delivery is fast too!


Good quality mattress with lower price compared to outside retailers.

soo good

Good quality and my family happy with it. Thanks sonno

No more backache

fast delivery and super comfy. Finally no springs and reasonable price. No more backache the next morning. Very good bed to have.

Fantastic bed

Sonno is very comfortable and definitely value for money. Item received in 4 days from order made. Highly recommended

good purchase

really good mattress. Appreciate sonno sent the mattress to my doorstep, good services. So satisfied. Tq Sonno

very comfortable

i love the mattress. very high quality and good price.

my parent love it

bought this tilam for my parent..they love it..other than that just a good product, good seller, fast service....thanks