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Sonno Sleep Success Stories

Discover how our mattresses and sleep products have transformed the rest and lives of our customers. Real stories, real comfort, real change.
Based on 3134 reviews
Sonno the pillow
Edrian John

Sonno the pillow

Sonno Original
Daniel Teoh
Dreaming away peacefully … every night

Amazing sleep since i had the sonno original mattress and i am definitely not going back to any other mattress! The support team was so helpful into arranging my needs and all my questions! Kudos to the team for great follow up via whatsapp and call.

Sonno Bolster


Sonno Lite
Catalina Isaiah Brockland
Very happy

We are very happy with our purchase... The mattress is super comfortable... Recommended

Sonno Original
Edrian John

Best mattress ever!

Sonno Bolster
Wong Wai Kong
Comfort with stylish layout

Prior visited Sonno's showroom, my wife and I went to 2 sonno's competitors brand. We tried those beds, somehow there were something missing that we could not make up our mind. Due to exhaustion, I decided to just buy competitor brand. Right before decision conclude we went to sonno's showroom which was 15minutes away. We know bed is important for us. The moment we went in the showroom, we felt sense of home and calm. While I was walking around the showroom, my wife went to try on the bed. I lost my wife for 5 minutes because she still on the bed. I joined her too. In split second, we had eye contact and it seems this is the bed we have been looking for. I checked out the price tag and said it's worth. We bought immediately. Now it reduces my bad pain and our honeymoon life begins again. Heeeee.

Sonno Duvet
Nothing Like Sonno

As a person suffering from chronic back pain with cervical slip disc, there were many pillows from various brands that i have tried and till date it didn't give me the comfort that Sonno pillow gives. Truly a satisfied customer.Thank you

Sonno the pillow
Arulvelan Ganthida
Sonno pillow

I bought this pillow for my wife as her birthday gift. My wife has been using the Sonno Pillow for about 2 months now, and she couldn't be happier with my purchase. The pillow is well-made and has great service and support. She has been using the pillow in all three main positions - back, side, and stomach - and it has done a great job in the back and side position. It's a well-made pillow that has exceeded my expectations, and I'm glad I made the investment.

Sonno Mattress Protector
Sazali Bin Basri
Sonno mattress review…

My new sonno mattress has greatly improved my sleep quality, providing exceptional comfort & support. Highly recommended for a rejuvenating night’s rest 😍

Sonno Lite
Kuan Weng Saw
Like the lite Sonno

I bought sonno single lite to fit into ikea bunk bed, personally experienced it and feels much comfortable compared to the preset one. Feels it coziness and comfort with back firmly held well. Feel reenergised after waking up . Recommend a good buy to all.

Sonno the pillow
1st Try

It was good and not like memory foam type...
Good support..
Slept well...

Sonno Huggy Blanket
Noriza Abg ghain

Good blanket ever and i feel like someone hugs me.. i love this blanket

Sonno Original
Su Jin Lim
Wish I purchased this sooner !!

Decided to purchase a Sonno mattress after experiencing bad lower back issues. Ever since I started using it, I get better night’s rest and my back feels so much more supported. I wake up feeling more recharged and well rested. Have been recommending to all my friends

Sonno Duvet
Jared Chan
Excellent Customer Service

Although my product was out-of-stock, the Cust Svc team handled my concerns well and also the Online Whatsapp Support was prompt. Overall, an enriching customer experience. :)

Sonno Mattress Topper
Khairyani Khalid Khan

YES! you saw what i wrote. UNBELIEVABLY GOOD! My old mattress has started to shrink in the middle, with the topper, it felt like a new mattress all over again. My sleep? oh man, never been this good. No more back pain from a sinking mattress.

Sonno Original Mattress

Fulfilled my expectations and improved my sleep quality and back ache.


The sheets are so smooth and soft to sleep on, Love it!

Sonno Bed Sheets
chia ming feng -
Troublesome experience of a first-time Sonno customer

Initial delivery speed was very good but it has been a less than satisfying experience dealing with Sonno's after sales service. Customer service has to be more responsive and attentive to the issue at hand.

Sonno the pillow
Wai See Ng
Superb bed cushioning in Sweet dreams

My back pain issue instantly solved within the first week of using the bed. The mattress is soft but also firm enough to hold my back from hunching/arching inwards when I lay on it. Sleep quality also improved greatly with a better bed.

Sonno Huggy Blanket
Fitri Nasaer
Best blanket ever!

Really love the blanket so much. The blanket gives me calm and comfort ♥️

Sonno the pillow
Mohd Khairul Anuar Muda
Slept Habits

After I had buyed a sonno matters n pillow my sleepy time more productive n good

Like Sleeping On Clouds

I love the Sonno Tencel Bed Sheets and Duvet cover. I can fall asleep so easily now. It's cooling, silky and so cozy. I love it and will definitely purchase more.

Sonno Original
Jonas Schmitz
Best purchase in a long time

From night 1 I had the best sleep in years and should’ve bought my Sonno way sooner! Can highly recommend, especially the Super King.

Morphs in no time

Badly needed a good sleeping quality and when i decided to go with Sonno topper my expectations were absolutely matched. my body glued into bed comfortably yet my subconscious mind morphs into sleeping mode in no time. I was so happy my sleeping pattern is finally revived and the hype on Sonno is legit true!!

Sonno Huggy Blanket
Benazir Abdul Jabbar
Huggy Blanket

It's really comfortable. Despite being heavy, the feeling is great when it's on your body. Great sleep. Getting another piece for a family member 😁