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Surprisingly Good

Call me a skeptic, but I never really thought a compressed mattress could ever replace one of those big bulky spring-loaded ones they sell in big retail stores.

So when I decided to get a 'temporary mattress' to sleep on the floor while we wait for the house to be filled with furniture, I thought just a get a simple and affordable mattress like Sonno.

My first night with Sonno completely blew my mind. I never expected my Sonno to be able to replace my RM10,000 Txxxxxgel mattress, but after one month with Sonno, I am more than happy to make Sonno my *permanent* mattress.

Low price, high quality, and delivered to my door. What more can I ask for?

How to get out of bed?

I used to wake up in the middle of the night when my partner would turn or shift around in bed, AND I would wake up in the morning with lower back aches. After some research, I decided on the Sonno mattress and it's been great - steady, continuous sleep. I actually look forward to getting into bed and honestly, find it difficult leaving it. Sonno, what you have done to me?! (Thank you!)

Comfortable and worth the money.

I have bought one and used it. Like it very much. Bought another for my parent as well.

Sonno Mattress

Excellent mattress made of excellent material. It can really withstand my jumping with a stacked blocks of pyramid by my side and not toppling any of it. Provide a good night sleep too. Good stuff! 👍👍👍

Sonno mattress

While the material is superb and comfy, the weight is too heavy, a place to easily lift the package would be good, otherwise all is ok

10/10 would recommend

Spoke to their CS team and I was just blown away with their service as they were willing to go the extra mile for me! Shoutout to Vanessa!

Sonno mattress

My old mattress was poking me in the ribs!

My old coconut fiber mattress only 5 years old and was hard as a rock. Terrible to sleep on and it was poking me in the ribs when I try to sleep sideways. After seeing the awesome ads on Sonno I just had to try. After the first night I am really glad I got the mattress. No more poking me in the ribs. What surprises me is the softness and firmness of the mattress- Goldilocks zone. Just right. Not too soft not too hard. Haven’t had a such good sleep in a long time. Wish I switch long time ago.

High quality with reasonable price is all you need !

The bed was so comfortable , my back pain relieved . The pillow was soft and with memory foam for better posture while sleep . Satisfied overall for the purchase !

Sonno the pillow

Sonno mattress king size

For the past 1 week we've been sleeping with the mattress and I notice that i will instantly fell asleep and was unable to wake up the next morning as easily as before. Haha. Maybe because the mattress is so comfy and previously I have a backache problem but now the symptom improving and I can sleep well and wake up the next morning feeling so refreshing and energetic.

Some of my best sleep for years

I needed a new, soft, and comfortable mattress and I wish to move away from the conventional spring types. Came across Sonno from FB and most reviews are so positive but was hesitant as it's only available online. Went to test out mattresses at Harvey Norman (they have huge range on display) but mostly spring or spring+latex with only 2-3 fully memory foam or fully latex. Their memory foam mattress is excellent BUT costs twice that of Sonno. So, finally decided to try Sonno with their 100 days trail (return for free) nothing to loose. There was also a small discount at that time and delivery was quick (within 3-4 days). While the mattress is not super light, was very impressed with how the whole mattress is vacuum wrapped and rolled into a 6x1 feet box. Unboxing was relatively easy for a guy but 2 persons recommended. Mattress expanded nicely and I was already sleeping on it the same nite. It's almost similar to and as soft as the memory foam mattress I tested at Harvey Norman. Just the right firmness I like (I don't like to firm) Support was good for a 100kg person like me. Sleeping sideways doesn't give me the pain/numbness as other spring/foam mattress does. For the past 10 days, I have been having some very good, undisturbed, and restful sleep which I've missed for years now. It's a shame I didn't think of changing my mattress earlier. Still have about 3 more months to try this mattress and hopefully it remains comfortable and I don't have to return it. Nevertheless, I'm satisfied with the quality sleep I'm already getting now. Will definitely consider Sonno again for my next mattress.

Great Pillow

I have been suffering from nerve impingement due to the position of my head while sleeping. I have had the Sonno pillow for about 3 weeks now and my pain has gone , I sleep much better.The pillow really does feel like its hugging your head while you sleep!Just love it so far!

Value for money for a quality mattress

I guess that's too many good review about this mattress, so i only point out one bad point about this mattress, it is hard for you to get up from the bed after a good night peaceful sleep....with the money you paid, five star bedding with 3 star pricing.

The best Mattress in market

Comfortable and value for money. Love it much much.
So far this is the best mattress for me.

I just want a better sleep

Attracted to Sonno because of the 100 nights trial. But after using it for around a week, I get more than just a mattress. Initially I just want a better sleep with a new mattress but I got more than that. It gave me the best sleep which I have dream off since many years ago. Thank you. Now I hope it will last at least 10 years so I do not need to submit for warranty claim.
If you are looking for a better sleep, do try it out. Value for money deal.

Sonno mattress
Quite impressed

Was quite impressed with this mattress. Did not think it would be this comfortable. Some issues with the shipping and took over 2 weeks to reach me.


Comfortable and sleep well with Sonno mattress.

Love at First Use

Forget the overrated hotel pillows. Now make ways for Sonno pillows. Ever since I used Sonno pillows, I have stopped having neck ache every time I wake up in the morning. Hence my days are not spoilt. Thank you Sonno.

excellent product

Nice pillow!

Pillow for you

The softness and the ability to support my head's weight make my sleep perfect.

Just nice

I’ve been using contour pillows for a while now but struggle to find the perfect one...until I decided to give Sonno a try. Everything was just nice from the height of the pillow, the softness/hardness, the shape and size...perfect! Will definitely be getting more for my future new home.

A mattress fit for royalty!

I’m not royalty, but I certainly feel pampered like one everytime I lie down on my Sonno mattress and let it gently send me off to dreamland. The only thing I hate about it is that waking up in the morning now feels like I’m a rat caught in a glue trap trying to escape... it’s that hard!!!

Sonno mattress
Fast & Helpful

The delivery was fast where they want to send over to my place after 2 days of the payment. However, due to traveling conflict, i needed to delayed 2 weeks after was met with good arrangement.

The bed quality was good and i been having quality sleep vs the own mattress and after 2 weeks, i only have good review.

Best value for money

Good quality translates to a good night's sleep. Delivered in a box and magically unfolds into a king sized mattress. Tossing and turning does not interrupt others.