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Romantic Stay-at-home Valentine’s Day Ideas

Who says a good & romantic Valentine’s Day requires activities outside your home? Even before the pandemic confined us all to our homes, some couples across the world preferred to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home to avoid the crowds and inflated holiday prices.  

Now, the truth about staying in is that your choices will be limited. However, the key here, just like any relationship, is to commit to the idea and fun of celebrating the Day of Love. 

Think: recreating your favourite moments, dressing up in matching outfits, chocolate covered strawberries - you know, the works. But we suggest that the more thought and love you put into planning your Valentine’s Day, the better. 

So, grab your pillow and duvet because here are some romantic things you can do this Valentine’s Day with your partner at home.

Breakfast in bed

There is nothing else more romantic than starting the day than with breakfast in bed. Put a tray together for your partner — and don't forget to include heart-shaped foods such as pancakes and waffles - or maybe a heart-shaped apam balik or roti canai/pratha?! It's a sweet and easy way to say "I love you" to your partner to start this special day. Did we already mention a heart-shaped roti canai? 

Pillow & blanket fort

A pillow and blanket fort for a stay-in-bed Valentine’s Day? Yes, please! Find your playful side and build a fort out of your pillows and blankets with your partner. Get all your pillows, duvets and some fairy lights (they’re not exclusive to just Christmas) and make a snuggly fort. 

Wanna take things up a notch? Stock the fort up with cookies, wine, chocolate, and some awesome to show your partner you love them like a love song.

Snuggle to your favourite Valentine’s movie

Cuddle up inside to watch a movie or your favorite series and enjoy a perfect evening or day! Who does not love a good rom-com? 

As movie dates are rare nowadays, why not snuggle up in bed with that special someone, turn on Netflix or any streaming service and watch your favorite romantic movie. 

Revisit classic quotes such as “You had me at hello” from Jerry Maguire or “I wish I could have done everything on Earth with you” from The Great Gatsby

Play a board game 

Board games are not exclusive to sitting on a table so why not have a game with your partner in bed? In this setting, you don’t have to care about who sees your competitive side since it will just be you two - so play away! Plus it is way more comfortable being in your pyjamas, cool air and pillows all around why trying to be your best at Catan. 

At-home couples massage

A good massage is like a personalised love song to your body. Going to a professional masseuse does have its perks, but is oftentimes expensive. So giving a massage to someone you are intimate with goes beyond just self care. Select your favourite massage oil or lotion, know your partner’s pressure points, dim down the lights and massage away! 


This Valentine’s Day, remember that you do not need a fancy dinner at a Michelin star graded restaurant to show your partner that you love them. The best things are sometimes the simplest ones that come from the heart, and the best part: you can do it all in the comfort of your bed at home. 

From all of us at Sonno: Happy Valentine’s Day!