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Why A Sonno Mattress Makes the Ideal Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift

Christmas has always been an exciting time of year - filled with beautiful Christmas decorations, delicious festive food, jolly music and the much-anticipated gifts exchange between friends and family.

Buying Christmas gift could be as tricky as receiving one. The suspense behind the gift is what makes it all fun. Hence for this year, if you want to be unconventional and unpredictable about your gift to your loved ones - you should consider getting them a brand new Sonno mattress.
Here’s why we think Sonno mattress is simply the coolest gift of the year.

No hassle for you and them

Buying a Sonno mattress as a gift this Christmas is so simple. It's no hassle for you as it can be ordered online and will be delivered within five working days!
Once delivered right at the doorstep, it is easy to set up. The recipients just need to remove the mattress from its box in the room they intend to use it in and let it sit for at least an hour before sleeping on it.
With all the hassle of preparation for Christmas such as shopping, cooking, decorating – the hassle-free process of ordering and setting up Sonno mattress definitely comes as a huge relief. It's simple for you to buy, and easy for them to set up and use.

Everybody needs to sleep well

Sleep is such a vital part of human life. Getting a good sleep each night can help to improve our immune system, tackle illnesses whilst also boost one’s mood. A good night’s sleep will refuel us with all the energy we need to get through the following day. We spend an average of eight hours a day in bed, so it has to be somewhere comfortable. Providing your loved ones with a high-quality mattress like Sonno mattress for Christmas means you are supporting them to sleep well. Not to mention, because everybody desires for good night’s sleep - you know they'll definitely have a use for the mattress.

Free returns and 100-nights trial

We all have been in that situation whereby what we thought would be the ideal gift isn't quite right for the recipients. Great thing is that Sonno mattress comes with a 100-night trial period. Therefore, whoever you give the mattress to this Christmas have 100 nights to decide whether it's the right mattress for them. If it's not, let us know within the 100-night period and we will collect it back for free. You will then receive a full refund, so you can buy them something else they'd prefer.

Shows them you care about their needs

Ultimately, giving gifts during Christmas is a form of appreciation and expression about how much we care about them. What better way to show them that than giving them a gift that will accommodate all their sleeping needs and help to improve their health physically and mentally.
Sonno is proudly known as a comfortable and supportive mattress. By giving them a Sonno mattress, you know you are giving them the luxury of good sleep through the night and wake up the next day in a better mood with all the energy they need to achieve everything they want. A good night’s sleep will help them deal with stress and challenges in a much more productive and effective way. In addition, with the exquisite lumbar support inside Sonno mattress, your gift will
help to reduce any back or joint pain they endure. Giving a gift that sees to their needs in all these different ways goes a long way to show them you care about them and want them to live happily and healthily.

To order your Sonno mattress for either yourself or as a Christmas gift, visit our website.
There, you’ll find all the information you need to get your mattress before deciding whether it’s the right mattress for you and your family. Check out the Sonno mattress today.