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Our 2021 Father’s Day Gift Guide

A young boy’s father helping him drink a glass of orange juice, next to his mother and a wooden tray of food, all on top of a Sonno Original mattress


For The Superhero We Call Dad 
It’s that time of the year once more: the time to get a great gift for the greatest guy you know.

Though Father’s Day celebrations this year involve less going out for extravagant dinners and smaller-scale presents or meals, we believe that choosing the right home-centred present shouldn’t have to be hard. For some gifts your dad’s guaranteed to love, here are some ideas to match the main man in your life.

1. For The Supportive Father
Your first memory is of him holding your bike as you learnt to ride it. That sums him up well, as your Supportive Dad has always been right there behind you.

Warm-hearted and tender, he remembers all your friends’ names, cracks lame dad jokes, and tries – and fails – to make your favourite food. He sends you all the latest news, though it means you have to remind him that ‘I heard from this person’ isn’t the most reliable source.

From driving you to school and turning up for games and awards, to feeding you while you studied and seeing you off to work, his support is strong, unparalleled, and unwavering.

You won’t give him up for anything, because he always has your back. This year, he deserves the same kind of support for Father’s Day.

2. For the Father Who’s Firm but Loving
Report Card Days were scary because he would attend every single one. He was strict about deadlines, bedtimes, rules, and manners – and his signature look made you give up any thoughts of disobeying.

It took you a while to learn that this came from a place of love, but when you did, your Firm Father was your role model.

Instead of outright affection, he shows his love through his actions: saving you the last piece of your favourite dish or buying little things you like. Although he’s busy, he’s extremely willing to spend time with you – especially if that involves playing video games.

The best part is you two don’t have to say you love each other. Like him, you let your actions show that you love him in an equally steady, solid way.

A family of four in the grass enjoying time together in the park

3. For the Father Who Offers You A Shoulder To Cry On
Having your dad as your confidant means you’re completely comfortable around him.

Your soft-hearted, lovable Confidante Dad is vocal about his love for you, and you not-so-secretly enjoy it. He’s compassionate, caring, and extra attentive when it comes to your family. Birthdays and anniversaries aside, you often get random small gifts, “just because”.

He’s the first person you update on the latest happenings in your life, from friendships to life dilemmas. A patient listener, he offers the best advice; on tougher days, he’s the best shoulder to cry on.

You don’t need him to solve everything, just him being there takes away a lot of pressure. The good news is – now, you can return the favour with one of the top ranking pillows in Malaysia.

4. For the Fathers who Keep Their Cool
Daddy Cool’s the calm, reliable parent who was unbothered by childhood tantrums and teenage mess-ups. Honestly, his picture should be next to the word “chill” in the dictionary, since you can’t remember him being angry at you.

Unfazed and collected, he takes everything in stride, whether it’s last-minute changes or unscheduled water disruptions. He believes in finding solutions to unpredictability without breaking a sweat.

Because of this you know you can take a breather and work any problem out. You also know that even if nothing disturbs him, he’ll welcome the opportunity to breathe a little easier too.

A family of five lying on the grass smiling at the camera, with their faces in their hands

5. For the Fathers who Comfort You
Unlike the stereotypes about getting scolded after falling, your Father Comfort has always been the first to pick you back up.

Cheery, cuddly, and protective, he has the best hugs and words of encouragement. He loves talking about how you feel and is a pro at sensing if you need advice or a listening ear.

He also gets the times you don’t feel like talking, content to just sit and watch your favourite shows beside you. Most importantly, he keeps a ready supply of comforting snacks for the times he knows you’ll need them.

Really, you feel most comforted knowing he’ll pick you up, no matter how old you are. Just as well, so you can choose the perfect pick-me-up for his Father’s Day gift.