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4 Ways To Improve Your Bedroom Life

A girl fluffing her striped pillowcase before laying it onto her white bed


The older and busier we get, the more we appreciate the calm sanctuaries of our bedrooms, which allow us to unwind and rest.

However, some things don’t get easier as you grow older – like changing your bed sheets without it turning into a workout.

Relax, we got you covered. Here are some of the quickest and easiest ways to make your bed and live that hotel room experience right at home.


How to fold your fitted bed sheets easily

There’s nothing that beats the feeling of sinking into a fresh set of the silkiest, softest bed sheets at the end of a long day.

The less fun bit? Trying to fold them into a proper square only to have it bunched up in one area, and flat in another.

Don’t worry, here’s a tried-and-true way of how you can fold your fitted sheets into the perfect square for easy storage.

  1. Place and flatten out your fitted sheet on a flat surface, with the elastic band facing upwards.
  2. Grab the bottom two corners and pull them up to meet the top two corners of your fitted sheet.
  3. Instead of stacking the corners atop of each other, tuck them underneath where the top upper corners come to a point.
  4. Here, you should have a half-folded sheet with the top elastic band forming an arching curve.
  5. Fold from the bottom once more and bring the lower third of your sheet towards the centre. This should give you an equal thickness all across your fitted sheet.
  6. In thirds, fold your sheet towards the centre starting from the left to the right until the left side corner meets the far right side.

Finally, fold up the tri-folded rectangle in the middle to create the perfect square for the best, fitted sheets.


A person holding both ends of their pillowcase to smoothen out the wrinkles


How to level up your bedroom vibe with this cool pillow case hack

We know how to wrangle pillows into their covers, but you can now show your pillars of support more love with this special touch.

With a neater, tidier finish, this handy bedroom hack can make a difference to the overall atmosphere of your room.

  1. Pick your pillow case and put your pillow in it, then flatten it out.
  2. Grab your pillow case by the middle across the length of your pillow.
  3. Tuck loose ends of your pillow case into your pillow.
  4. Flatten out your pillow once more for a uniform surface that looks great propped up in your bed, and feels even better to rest your head on at night.


A fully furnished white bed setting with pillows, a duvet, and properly tucked bedsheets


How to put your duvet cover almost effortlessly

Snuggling up with a light, fluffy duvet is one of the most comforting things. Until you realise one side is heaped over, with barely any filling on the other end.

Now you can say goodbye to attempting to jam your duvet into its cover and avoid this lumpy, lopsided mess with this easy duvet folding hack.

  1. Turn your duvet cover inside out.
  2. Lay the inside-out cover on the bed. Position the opening of the duvet cover at the foot of your bed.
  3. Lay your duvet on top of the duvet cover.
  4. Starting from the head of the bed, roll your duvet and the cover together down towards the foot of your bed where the duvet cover opening is.
  5. When done, turn your duvet-cover combination inside out by inverting it using the ends of both sides of the cover.
  6. Then, button or zip your duvet cover closed. Unroll it in the opposite direction and revel in having an even, levelled duvet spread across your mattress.


How to put a fitted sheet on by yourself

The best item to complement your Sonno mattress, no matter the size or type, are snug and soft fitted bed sheets.

Yet putting bed sheets on can be hard to do. And there’s nothing more frustrating than tucking one corner of your bed sheet into the mattress to find the other corner you did previously has come undone.

Luckily, there’s an art to putting your bed sheets on easily and quickly, so you can enjoy all the benefits of the comfortable and ultra-breathable bed sheets.

  1. Make sure you have the right sheet size to fit your mattress’ exact dimensions.
  2. Choose one corner and stretch the sheet over the mattress, so that the sheet completely covers your mattress.
  3. Tuck it under your mattress.
  4. Choose a second corner that’s diagonally opposite from the corner you’ve just finished. Pull and secure the sheet over that corner.
  5. Repeat this with the two remaining corners.
  6. Smooth out the sheet and make sure each corner is tucked securely under the mattress. There you have it: a bed that you can happily dive into at night…or right now.