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5 Reasons Why a Pillow is the BEST Christmas Gift Idea

Christmas day. For some, the most joyful day in the calendar. For others, the single most stressful day of their existence. Oh, the horror of finding the right gift for each and every person in the gift-giving list *shudders*. Mercifully, we have something that can solve your Christmas time conundrum - Sonno the pillow

Not convinced? Let us tell you why a pillow makes the best Christmas gift ever:

1. Everyone needs a pillow

Literally. Everyone. Even cats and dogs. Especially cats and dogs. There will be no danger of your gift going unused or tossed to the goodwill basket. 

2. It’s a life-changing gift

Just think about it, even you find it hard to sleep well when your pillow gets all lumpy, too hard, or too soft, right? Gifting someone a pillow that is specially made to help all types of sleepers sleep better might not only make you their favourite person of the year, but it could also change their life by helping them get quality sleep every night. 

3. Made for everyone

Even the pickiest person can’t say no to comfort. Sonno the pillow is made with ultra-comfortable memory foam for incredible neck support and soft, cooling fabric to help those restless at night sleep comfortably and peacefully, no matter which position they prefer to sleep in. 

4. It should win the World’s Most Neutral Gift award

Seriously, there’s no way a pillow could offend anyone. Actually, we’re pretty sure the Internet can find a way to get offended, but if you’re feeling extra Christmassy, send those Internet trolls a Sonno the pillow. 

Better sleep translates to fewer sleepless nights, which means less angry troll comments, which means less Internet war, which might pave the way to achieving world peace. Hey. did we just give you a Nobel Peace-winning idea? 

5. You can buy it online, and get it delivered for free

If buying Sonno the pillow gets any easier, Santa Clause would swap toys to Sonno the pillows. It’s super simple, just buy it on www.sleepsonno.com and it will arrive at your or your someone special’s doorstep in 3 to 5 working days for free.

What’s more, it comes with a 30-night trial period, so if your special someone decides their Sonno the pillow gift is not for them, they can return it and, well, use that refund money to buy them something they would like instead. A Sonno mattress comes to mind…

Get a Sonno the pillow now and be the favorite at your Christmas dinner.