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The Softest Bed Sheets In Town

A good night’s sleep can be affected by several things, not just your choice of pillows and mattresses. A significant factor to getting the best sleep actually has a lot to do with the environment we sleep in, especially temperature. That’s why our sleep experts at Sonno have found the softest material and have brought it to life with our bed sheets!

Do bed sheets even make a difference to my sleep?

They sure do. Bed sheets (or bed linens), are a bedroom essential yet we often overlook its importance. Of course aesthetically, bed sheets add a pop of colour to your bedroom. But other than that, how do bed sheets affect our sleep? 

If you’re constantly having difficulty sleeping night after night, your bed sheets and pillow cases might be a contributing factor. Our bodies naturally release heat when we sleep at night. To ensure a cooling night of sleep in our tropical weather, we have taken the world’s softest and most breathable textile - eucalyptus fiber and created our brand new bed sheets. 


What is this magical eucalyptus fiber?

Eucalyptus fiber (or also known as TENCEL™️) is made from sustainably-sourced wood. The process used to make these fibers are more eco-friendly in comparison to other fibers like bamboo. Eucalyptus fiber is an award-winning fabric credited for its low environmental impact. All of that to provide you with a fabric that’s more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. 

If you’re researching bed sheets or bed linen, you’ll definitely come across a lot of talk about high thread counts. So how do our Sonno Eucalyptus sheets fair when it comes to thread count? We hate to pop your bubble, but the importance of thread count in sheets is actually a myth. The common misconception with high thread count sheets is that they’re automatically deemed as more high-quality. The simple truth about thread counts is: the higher the thread count, the denser and heavier the fabric. So be wise and don’t let the numbers distract you from getting the best sleep.


Source: Tencel.com

Okay, so how does eucalyptus fiber benefit us sleepyheads?

Now that you know what eucalyptus fiber is all about, you definitely also want to know whether it’s worth all the hype. We mentioned that our Sonno Eucalyptus Sheets are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. But what does that really mean? Let us break it down for you.
  1. As smooth as silk and soft to the touch.
  2. Ultra-breathable for the most relaxing sleep. (No more embarrassing sweat stains on your sheets!)
  3. The sustainably-sourced wood fiber is naturally hypoallergenic & eco-friendly, perfect for kids or those with sensitive skin.
  4. A great regulator of temperature making it cool to sleep on - an essential for hot sleepers who didn’t know they needed it (until now).
  5. The weave is strong and long-lasting, so your sheets maintain that brand new feel for longer and don’t get thinner like cotton sheets. Sheets that last longer equals more sustainability as well. Quality over quantity y’all.


Here’s a quick comparison table you can check out to see how Sonno Eucalyptus Sheets fare compared to cotton sheets. 

 Eucalyptus Sheet Cotton Sheets
Silky soft to the touch and less wrinkly.
Tends to be coarse and rusties noisily.
Absorbs 70% more moisture than cotton.
Less Breathable 
Not as lightweight or breathable.
Lasts 4x longer than cotton bed sheets.
Thins over time
Generally does not last as long as eucalyptus fiber. 
Does not generate static, so dust does not cling to the fiber. 
Less absorbent 
Generally non-irritating on skin, but can't absorb as much moisture at Tencel™.
Produced from sustainable wood pulp vs.farmed trees. 100% biodegradable too.
Not eco-friendly 
Cotton plants need chemical fertilisers and up to 20x more water vs. eucalyptus fiber.