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What Do You Need To Make Your Mattress Feel Brand New?

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Odds are: there’s usually that one day you wake up feeling even more tired than before you went to sleep.

Whether it’s because you spent the entire night tossing and turning, or woke up every hour of the night like a clockwork, or because your sleeping position made you extra susceptible to aches – it’s not uncommon to have a bad sleep once in a while.

However, suppose you find yourself nodding your head to all of these scenarios, recalling the frequency of feeling this way. The problem, then, might lie where you lie rather than having an off night.

If you’ve been having some issues getting to sleep, staying asleep, or if you’ve been waking up with more itches and back aches than usual – here are a few ways you can make your mattress feel brand new.


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If your back aches a lot more
Somehow, no matter how you position yourself in your sleep, you still end up with back pain in the morning – and you’re not alone.

Lower back pain is one of the most common phenomena in adults, the Sleep Foundation reports. However, in the age where we spend the bulk of our lives hunched over screens, looking after our spines is a crucial part of maintaining our physical health.

If you’ve been noticing these aches recurring regularly in recent times, this could be an indication that your mattress is too soft for proper weight distribution.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix to keep your mattress firm enough to support you and extend its lifespan. With the Sonno Mattress Topper, you can enjoy an extra layer of cool comfort at night for the deep sleep you deserve.

If you’re getting acne or skin irritations
You clean your mattress well. You tidy your room on a weekly basis. And yet you still find yourself hosting a new variant of skin irritation, from spots to backne, every few days.

If this sounds like you, chances are there’s something on your bed that’s irritating your skin, especially if it’s sensitive. According to Marina Peredo, MD, anything that comes into contact with sensitive skin can exacerbate the skin condition.

This includes – you guessed it – your sheets. If your sheets are too rough or textured, this could be the primary cause behind your skin flaring up every time you head to bed.

The best way to counter this is by getting bed sheets that are hypoallergenic to prevent any adverse skin reactions – which is why these Sonno bed sheets are the optimal comfort to your skin, guaranteeing you silky, soft security to help you fall into a deep sleep in seconds.

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If you’re getting allergies when you wake up
Waking up with allergies – a stuffy nose, watery eyes, sniffles and itchy throat – is a surefire way for a terrible start to the day.

But consistently starting your mornings this way might just be indicative of a larger problem. Common allergens like dust mites and mould are usually found in the bedroom due to their moisture-loving properties, as confirmed by America’s Asthma and Allergy Foundation.

While your room surroundings can be easily cleaned, wiped away, and tidied, there’s still one more vital bedroom essential that needs to be kept clean too: your mattress.

Mattresses can be the ideal place for these allergens to collect, which is why it’s necessary to keep your mattress as spotless as your room. Thankfully, Sonno’s waterproof Mattress Protector will help keep your mattress nice and dry, so you can enjoy snooze time without the dreaded sniffles.

If you just can’t get quality sleep
You’ve tried all of the above, and more – meditation, music, stretching, journaling – but nothing sticks and you still can’t sleep properly. Enter the one major factor that affects your rest for the night: your mattress.

Our mattresses play a key role in determining the quality of our sleep, not just in supporting our bodies but also in allowing us the comfort to fall asleep according to our natural circadian rhythms. 

Which means that it might be time to go back to the drawing board with a mattress that you know will help support your natural spine posture, therefore helping to ease back, shoulder and neck problems

Investing in a mattress that supports you – regardless of how you sleep – will let you not only fall asleep faster and without difficulty, but also let you rest assured (literally) that back aches, skin irritations, and allergies are kept to a minimum. Now, with the Sonno Mattress, you can wake up from a good night’s sleep feeling as fresh and new as your mattress.