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      Why Sonno Can Help You Live Better

      sonno mattress lifestyle
      Choosing a new mattress can often be tedious and complicated, and if you don't get the right one first time, it can be disastrous and can put a stopper in your good night's sleep.
      When you've shopped for a new mattress in the past, you've no doubt found yourselves buying from an unreputable salesman, pushing you to buy a mattress that isn't right for you at a price that suits their bottom line more than it suits you. Perhaps they gave you a chance to have a quick lie on the mattress before you bought it, or perhaps not. Even if you did, it probably wasn't enough time for you to make an accurate decision about an item that can be crucial to your lifestyle and a great night's sleep.
      Thankfully, Sonno is different. Not only does Sonno make the process of buying your new mattress easier, it can also change your life after it arrives in your home.
      With Sonno you can have a great night's sleep throughout the entire mattress buying process with a stress-free purchasing system, convenient ordering process and a mattress that is of the highest quality and can help you get a great night's sleep, every night.
      Sonno is a high-quality, high-performance mattress specifically designed and engineered to help you get the perfect night's sleep and help you live better. We strongly believe that a great day always starts with a good night before. The Sonno mattress supports the natural posture of your spine which helps to back, shoulder and neck problems. It's also designed to naturally breathe, so you don’t end up getting hot while sleeping. All of this adds up to a mattress perfect for helping you achieve a great night's sleep.
      We designed Sonno with premium components to suit the sleep preferences and patterns for the majority of consumers. The product is expertly crafted with three inner layers below the premium cover. Each of these three layers has its own important role to play in making the Sonno mattress one of the best mattresses around.
      The first layer is made of open-cell hypoallergenic latex which helps to provide uncompromising comfort, bounce and breathability. The second layer of high density, cooling memory foam provides superior support to your back and neck which acts as a great pressure relief and excellent airflow to keep you cool. The third layer of supportive foam enables proper weight distribution across the entire mattress and excellent full body support, optimal durability and enhanced airflow. Together these three layers create a mattress that is ideal for providing a great night's sleep.
       sonno mattress materials

      There is a range of huge factors that make the Sonno mattress superior to other mattresses on the market. From the very start of your journey, you'll experience a number of benefits, these include:

      ✔ Natural latex, memory foam and premium removable cover
      The very composition of the Sonno mattress is designed for premium sleep quality. The combination of memory foam, latex and a removable cover allow the mattress to breathe, preventing the build-up of bacteria and keeping the mattress cool. This helps to provide you with a clean, healthy sleeping space which in turn works towards giving you a great night's sleep for many nights to come.

      ✔ Unparalleled support and sumptuous comfort
      The memory foam layer of the Sonno mattress gives you unparalleled support to help you sleep better and reduce the risk of developing soreness of pain in the back, shoulders or neck.
      ✔ No unhealthy pocketed springs
      As your traditional mattress gets old, the springs become worn and unhealthy. This can make your mattress uncomfortable and disrupt your great night's sleep. Moreover Metal parts act as a radiation antenna and this will amplify electromagnetic waves, which can be responsible for sleeping disorders and have even been linked to certain diseases.
      ✔ No partner disturbance
      Because the Sonno mattress evenly distributes weight evenly across the entire mattress, you are less likely to be woken or disturbed by your partner moving around during the night. The Sonno mattress will continuously rebalance the weight and prevent the mattress to transfer the movements.
      ✔ Free delivery and free return
      So you can sleep easy knowing your delivery is all taken care of and if you need to return the mattress, we'll take care of that too.
      ✔ 10 years warranty
      Your mattress will be covered for ten years after purchase, so you can have a great night's sleep every night for ten years, knowing that should you need to, you can still return and replace your mattress for up to ten years.
      ✔ 100 nights trial!
      We know a quick lie down on a mattress isn't enough to judge whether it's going to be the one for you. Sonno offers you 100 nights to really get to know your new mattress and if you decide it's not right for you, we pick it up free of charge.
      Start your journey to a great night's sleep every night with Sonno. Shop now.

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