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World Sleep Day 2021: 5 ways to get regular sleep for a better future

What is World Sleep Day? Well, contrary to what many may think, World Sleep Day is not the day where you sleep through your working hours and then tell your employers that you are “celebrating” a holiday. 

Neither is it the day where we honour that friend who sleeps anytime and anywhere… Okay, maybe we can because let’s be honest: being able to do that IS a talent! 

World Sleep Day was created 14 years ago as a call to advocate and educate the world about the importance of sleep, and how it is an ingredient for the optimal quality of life and overall global health. 

The theme for 2021’s World Sleep Day is “Regular sleep, healthy future” - focusing on the benefits of having regular sleep as it is as important to a person’s overall health as having a healthy diet and regular exercise. Unfortunately, many nations - Malaysia and Singapore included - do not place enough emphasis on its importance. However, it is highly encouraged for a person to make significant effort to get their 7-8 hours of Zzzzz’s daily. 

Here are some benefits of getting regular sleep: 


#1 - Better productivity to ace your day! 

Having regular sleep improves your concentration and productivity due to sleep’s link to the brain’s function. It becomes more difficult to focus and therefore affects tasks that require concentration and coordination. 


#2 - Keeps you looking fresh

The lack of sleep can also affect one’s look and appearance as sleep is crucial to the building and recovery of muscles. So if you are looking to improve the way you look and reduce those eyebags, getting your proper number of sleep hours is crucial. 


#3. Better health.. Duh

Regular sleep builds your immune system. You heard that right: a lack of regular sleep can affect your immune system. There are studies showing that those who do not have good quality sleep have higher chances of getting sick when they come in contact with viruses such as the common cold. 

Just like the building of muscles, the body repairs and recovers itself as we sleep therefore the same goes for our immune system. Regular sleep also aids in how fast we recover after being infected by a virus. 

You might now say: okay now that I know the benefits of regular sleep and I want to make a change in my life (you’re welcome!); what do I have to do to get my dose of it? 

The Sleep Experts from #TeamSonno has got you covered!

#1 - Go to sleep at the same time each night

Yes, setting a routine and sticking to it is a sure winner when it comes to getting regular sleep. If you are showing symptoms of insomnia during the day such as fatigue, problem concentrating or even grumpiness, sticking to a sleep schedule will be helpful. This will mean sleeping at the same time everyday for the entire week and you may find those melatonin sleep aid supplements to be a thing of the past! 

Remember: this does not just stop at bedtime but also getting up at the same time each morning… even on weekends. Setting up a sleep schedule and sticking to it is one way to get some regular sleep


#2 - Cozy up your bedroom 

On top of setting up a regular time to sleep and rise, changing up the environment of your bedroom can help get you ready for bed and to sleep well. Fun fact: a way to help reset your circadian rhythm is by creating a cool environment because the body drops its temperature as it prepares for sleep. Anything higher than 24 degrees Celsius may disrupt your sleep. But besides turning the aircon on, you may ask what else can you do to stay cool in bed? 

Well, choosing duvets that keeps you cool (especially in the tropics) will be a good way to kick off World Sleep Day Malaysia! The Sonno duvet is a lightweight, fluffy comfort that is incredibly light and airy - suitable for our climate. While we are at it, why not throw in the Sonno pillow; with its incomparable support and balance.


#3 - Starting a journal 

If you are one of those with a mind that wonders and replays everything that happened during the day; why not reflect by writing it all in a journal? You may find having a time of reflection and gratefulness for the day you’ve had will help calm your mind.  So get all those thoughts tucked away into your journal and drift off into deep, deep sleep. 


#4 - Stay away from heavy meals right before bed

I know, I know… The temptation to head out to a mamak store at midnight is strong. But, having a heavy meal before going to bed can affect the quality of your sleep. If you feel peckish, you can grab a light snack but avoid big heavy meals. You may also find avoiding meals late at night can help those suffering from insomnia because when you eat late, your body is trying to digest large amounts of food at a time when you should be sleeping. So let’s be totally honest and admit that Maggi Mee Goreng can wait till tomorrow. 


#5 - If you can’t fall asleep, do something calming

Some of us may have this trouble where we do not fall asleep immediately. If you can’t fall asleep after 20 minutes, try to do something that will calm you until you start feeling those eyelids getting heavy. This could be listening to gentle and soft music or some light reading. But avoid doing something strenuous with the aim to ‘exhaust’ your body like push-ups or crunches. Bad idea. Been there, done that. Don’t do it. 


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Happy World Sleep Day 2021!