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Which is the right mattress for me? Mattress sizes & dimensions

When you want to get the best sleep of your life, choosing the right mattress is an important step. Surprisingly, that choice goes further than just your personal preferences because when it comes down to mattresses, there is no “one size fits all”.  

But did you also know that mattress sizes & dimensions vary across different regions in the world? 

The mattress might have the same name but the dimensions will differ, depending on where you buy it from. 

A simple example: a Single mattress in the UK is measured at 91cm x 190cm (36inch x 75inch). Whereas the dimensions for a Single mattress (a size also known as Twin) in North America is 96.5cm x 190.5cm (38inch x 75inch). 

That aside, there are also bed sizes with similar dimensions but have different names! 

In Japan, a mattress with the dimensions of 152cm x 195cm (60inch x 77inch) is known as a Wide Double. Meanwhile in Australia, that is known as a Queen size mattress (152cm x 203cm / 60inch x 80inch). 

Then of course there are mattresses sizes and ranges that are unique to a specific region such as the famous California King bed in the USA! No, we’re not talking about the 2011 Rihanna song - but the actual mattress with dimensions of 183cm x 213cm (72inch x 84inch). 

You might ask: “Well, what about IKEA mattresses? Are their sizes similar?”

This is actually a commonly asked question and a simple answer would be: no. 

IKEA mattresses follow European (EU) dimensions and are different from other regions. For instance, a Single mattress in the UK & Malaysia would measure at 190cm (75inch) in length, while the length of an IKEA Single mattress is 200cm (79inch), which is the standard mattress dimensions in Europe (EU). 

So when it comes to choosing the right mattress for you, it is definitely a big help to know the different dimensions and mattress sizes available to you depending on your region. 

Let’s talk about Malaysia & Singapore 

Mattress sizes and bed dimensions here are similar to those in Australia, New Zealand and neighbouring countries: Single, Super Single, Queen & King. 

Single mattress size 190 x 90cm (75inch x 35inch)

Best for kids, petite or single ladies sleepers

The Single mattress is the smallest bed available and is perfect for kids or adult single sleepers. Being petite in size, the Single mattress is ideal for small spaces such as studio apartments. 

The best things DO come in small packages!  

Super Single mattress size 190cm x 107cm (75inch x 42inch)

Best for the stretch-out single sleepers, plus the cat ladies 

About 17cm wider than the Single, the Super Single mattress is ideal for sleepers who want a little more stretch than their Single mattress friends. 

You could be a teenager with a growth spurt, or a young adult looking for that extra snooze space, or if you just want the room as you share your bed with a furry cat. Hey, we all need a comfortable bed to sleep in! 

Queen mattress size 190cm x 150cm (75inch x 59inch) 

Best for new couples or the aspiring young professional 

Want a night’s sleep without interruption by your partner? Then, the Queen size mattress might be suitable for you!

The Queen mattress is wide enough for new couples who just need that little bit of space when it comes to snooze time. 

 The Queen size bed is also great for enterprising and ambition driven individuals looking for comfort when the day ends. Sometimes you just need that after a long day.  

King mattress size 190x180cm (75inch x 71inch)

Now, this mattress is for those where space is limitless (and you don’t wanna get kicked out of bed)! 

The largest of bed & mattress sizes in Malaysia & Singapore, the King size mattress is best placed in the master bedroom. 

Suitable for couples whose kids share the same bed or just a couple who likes to stretch-out 

OR you could just be a single sleeper who wants all the space in the world. We won’t judge! ;)  

 Choosing the right mattress for you

Now that we know all the different mattress sizes and dimensions, you may go, “How will I really know what really works for me?”

Here’s the great news: whenever you buy a Sonno mattress, you can try it at home for 100 nights first! 

We understand that you will need more than a few minutes in the showroom to decide on your mattress. So, if you do not fall in love with it within a 100 days of your purchase, we’ll take it back and give you a full refund. 

Our Sonno mattresses (available in Single size, Super Single size, Queen size & King size) are made from Malaysian 100% natural latex resulting in mattresses that are breathable, hygienic, and incredibly comfortable - just like sleeping in a nice, cozy “hug”. 

Sounds like a good deal? That’s not it! 

Regardless of which end of the budget spectrum you are on, you can get a Sonno mattress from as low as RM50 a month - a Sonno instalment plan exclusive! That means you can sleep first, pay later. 

 Just head over to www.sleepsonno.com to get your own Sonno mattress because here we believe that when you sleep well, you live better!