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The Ultimate 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

Last-minute Christmas gifts can be a hassle to look for


’Tis finally the season for presents, parties...and the realisation that you still haven’t gotten around to Christmas shopping yet because “there’s still some time left” when you last thought about it – in November.

Fortunately, searching for last-minute Christmas presents isn’t new to us, existing even before we started hosting smaller-scale holiday parties in our households.

If you’re still fretting about gift ideas for the people in your life, not to worry: we’ve prepared the ultimate Christmas gift guide for your friends and family.


Your parents are the people who deserve the best gifts


  1. Giving Back To The People Who’ve Had Your Back

Let’s be real: lavish gifts to your parents will inevitably be met with: “Why did you buy this? There was no need to go so far!” But you know that’s not true, because they deserve the best.

As your pillars of support; your parents have seen you through highs and lows, attended report card days and graduation ceremonies, helped you ride a bike, (nervously) sat beside you as you first drove, waved you off from your first day at kindergarten and at work.

To them, actions always spoke louder than words. On bad days, they made your favourite dishes. They showed you how to get stubborn grime off tiles in your first home. And every year, without fail, they remind you to get your taxes done.

It’s undeniable that they deserve the same support – which is why you should go all out with a Christmas-exclusive mattress bundle, with free pillows for good measure (and neck support). For them, it’s a practical, parent-approved gift set; for you, it’s your way of saying, “I’ll always have your back, too.” 

  1. Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them

You still have flashbacks to your sibling squabbles, diffusing their tattletale threats, and getting punished at their expense.

Despite that, you wouldn’t have wanted to grow up with anyone else. They were beside you as you navigated schools, friend groups, and the piano classes your parents made you take. Honestly, you find it nice having someone who understands, especially when it comes to your family. Who else could you imitate eccentric relatives during gatherings with?

While you guys want to both strangle and protect one another, you know deep down that you love each other. And getting them a festive mattress and bolster Christmas bundle is a way of appreciating your lifelong companion who always has your back, no matter how old you get.


Some friendships are the best kinds of gifts in themselves


  1. To The One Who Grounds You

Also known as: the friends with whom you can be authentically yourself.

They’re caring, funny, and know you, scarily, better than you know yourself. They’re up for spontaneous trips and down for food hunts; they celebrate your wins, are a shoulder for you to cry on, and shell out real talk when you need to hear it.

With them, you’re either an unstoppable stream of full-swing conversation peppered with laughter or just enjoying each other’s company in comfortable silence.

2021 or otherwise, their friendship is the best gift. But this year, there’s a cozy holiday gift to show them what they mean to you; a weighted blanket that’s reassuring, warm, and feels just like a hug.

  1. Keep Cool and Christmas On

It’s a blessing to have relatives as chill as yours, especially when your parents were mad at you and your sibling was no help.

Even though you haven’t seen them much this year, they’ve always been a call away – ready to listen or just to catch up. With pragmatic advice mixed in with wise-cracking jokes, you cherish every interaction you have with them.

Though there aren’t dreams of a white Malaysian Christmas, the weather has been frightful. So you can repay their years of guidance with soft, silky bed sheets to help them feel light and fresh, and keep them just as cool as they are.


  1. Getting To Know You

2021’s lockdowns mean you’ve met some great colleagues...online.

Helpful and happy, they always manage to put a smile on your face. You’ve maybe laughed out loud at something they said while you were in a meeting...with your boss...more than once. Sharing memes and tagging “This is you” on posts have become a delightful daily routine.

But you still don’t know their preferred brands, or clothes sizes, or favourite colours – which makes your office gift exchange extremely difficult, and most likely extremely disappointing.

However, instead of picking out a scented candle at random, you can let them enjoy the luxury of picking out their own Christmas presents – in the form of a gift card. For a safe bet, get one for the home essentials you know they’ll enjoy, use, and love.