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5 Best Types of Bed Sheets to Keep You Cool

Night sweats are a pretty common issue in Malaysia. Hormonal changes also mean that women are prone to night sweats regularly. Sweating a lot during the night can make it incredibly difficult to sleep, and if you're too hot from the moment you climb into bed, you're less likely to fall asleep at all. Thankfully, several different types of bed sheets are designed to keep you cool and help you sleep. 

If you're a sweaty sleeper, swapping your bedsheets to a more cooling material could make your night sweats more manageable. Remember, cooling sheets are not miracle workers. They won't cure your hot flashes, but they may help make them more bearable so you can get a more peaceful night's sleep.
Here, we take a look at the best types of bedsheet to keep you cool and help you wake up feeling light and fresh. 


1. Eucalyptus sheets

Made with TENCEL, a fabric made out of the cellulose of eucalyptus trees, eucalyptus sheets absorb 70% more moisture than cotton. This means they are much more efficient at keeping you cool while you sleep. Eucalyptus sheets are also eco-friendly as they are made from sustainable wood pulp instead of farmed trees. They’re 100% biodegradable too. Find out more about our Sonno Eucalyptus Sheets for a cool and restful night’s sleep.


2. Bamboo sheets

Bamboo sheets are an excellent option for people who find themselves feeling too hot during the night. Sheets made from bamboo are some of the best types of sheets to keep you cool as they help to regulate your body temperature much more than cotton alternatives. Plus, they're hypoallergenic, which can also help allergy sufferers get a restful night's sleep. Most bamboo sheets benefit from a lightweight feel and breathable benefits that help even the sweatiest sleepers get a quiet night. Look for bamboo sheets that are combined with microfibre materials for added softness, durability and wrinkle reduction. 


3. Sateen sheets

Sateen sheets have a high thread count, luxurious sheen and are typically made of 100% cotton. However, they're woven in much the same way as satin sheets, which can make them cooler than traditional cotton sheets. The weaving process for sateen sheets makes them more durable. It gives them their signature sheen for an added level of luxury. Their high thread count also improves Their durability. Typically, sheets of this type are made by weaving combed, carded or long-fibre cotton threads. 
Many people favour sateen sheets because of their soft touch, which allows the skin to slide smoothly into bed.


4. Microfibre sheets

Although they're not quite as breathable as bamboo sheets, microfibre bedsheets are a popular choice for keeping you fresh at night. The durable microfibre materials are durable and fade-resistant too, so your bedding will continue to look new for a longer time. They're wrinkle-resistant and machine washable also, making them easy to care for. Their lightweight feel is perfect for hot sleepers as they won't feel heavy or sticky on warm nights. 


5. Linen sheets

Linen sheets are lightweight and breathable, which makes them an ideal type of bedsheet to keep you fresh. Plus, they're great if you sweat a lot during the night as they're moisture-wicking. This means the material of the sheets directs your sweat away from your body, so you feel fresher, cooler and less sticky during the night. Although linen sheets can be quite expensive, many people agree that they're worth the price for their top-of-the-range comfort and quality. You can also get sheets made from a linin-bamboo blend which benefits from the moisture-wicking qualities of linen and the breathable, lightweight nature of bamboo sheets. Combine coolness and comfort with a linen-blend sheet. 


6. Percale sheets

Percale is a smooth, flat, tightly woven and combed fabric that you can buy in many forms. You can choose from 100% cotton percale or 50/50 cotton/polyester blends. Percale is typically much finer than muslin, with a thread count of between 180 to 200. This means it's nice and lightweight so you won't feel too stuffy on hot nights. 
Percale cotton blends are often more breathable than those containing polyester, which can help you feel fresher and reduce sweating. Because percale is more tightly woven than other fabrics, it's crisp and airy. The lower thread count feels thinner than sheets with a higher thread count, increasing the light and airy feel. As a result, you'll feel colder and more comfortable. This type of cloth is perfect for warmer climates and hot nights. 
You can even get percale sheets made of 100% Egyptian cotton, which are durable and robust, without compromising on their breathability. 

Of course, pairing the right sheets with the right mattress is the key to consistently good sleep. Take a look at our website to learn more about how Sonno mattresses deliver a good night's sleep.