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New Year, New Me, Newer Room

A fresh start in 2022 should start right from the comforts of home


While kicking 2022 off with a fresh start seems feasible as things finally open up, we’re still reminded daily to avoid excessive outings. And if the past two years have taught us anything, it’s the true value in making our homes a safe, secure space during uncertain times.

This rings true especially when it comes to our bedrooms – our primary place of rest – so we can let our hair down and unwind at the end of every day.

However, you might find yourself feeling even more restless than usual, especially if you happen to have a smaller room. So, we’re greeting 2022 with some “new year, new me” energy – starting with a (long-overdue) room makeover.


Changing your room layout might be a way to start 2022 fresh


Welcoming a change of scene

If you have “exercise” or “move more” as part of your list of 2022 New Year’s Resolutions, you’re in luck. Decluttering and rearranging your room can make you work up a sweat, without the dreaded HIIT workout.

More so, a bedroom makeover may fulfil your New Year’s Resolution for functional self-care. According to Verywell Mind, reorganising your space actually helps boost your mental and emotional health.

This holds especially true for those still working from their bedrooms. Tidying up your workspace can help you start your year as you mean to go on – such as by introducing a more physical separation between your personal corner and professional workspace.

However, regardless of work conditions, using simple ways to revamp your room can help freshen up your bedroom, and start making it look like the ones you’ve saved to your mood boards.


There are ways to revamp your room to your taste, even on a budget.


  1. Make sunlight the highlight

Making optimal use of natural light is one of the best, and easiest, ideas when it comes to revamping your room.

Aside from possibly saving on electricity and getting your daily dose of Vitamin D, it’s a great hack for early morning meetings. According to Bustle, sunlight wakes you up naturally by affecting your circadian rhythm, signalling that it’s time for your body to get up. 

This is particularly helpful if your bedroom is also your office. Rather than looking up from your screen to find yourself face-to-face with a wall, or – worse – the temptation of your soft bed, position your table so that you’re facing the direction with the most light.

If your room doesn’t get much sunlight, angling light-reflective surfaces like mirrors to catch light rays can brighten up your room. Besides being a nifty trick to make your bedroom look bigger than it really is, these kill two birds with one stone by doubling as DIY room decor.

  1. Let it grow, let it grow

We mean indoor plants – not items you’re hoarding.

Plants are an aesthetically-pleasing way to add some life (literally) to your room. Most importantly, they can bring a sense of nature and calmness to spaces – which is useful on days that deserve to be only 12 hours long.

If you’re guilty of forgetting to water your plants – sometimes for several days – you don’t have to give up on your plant owner visions just yet. Low-maintenance plants such as fiddle-leaf figs, Chinese money plants, or air plants grow without much water, meaning you can stress less about keeping them alive while still enjoying the views.


Your bedroom should be able to reflect your personal aesthetic and preferences


  1. Your personal space, your personal spin

There’s no better way to make a bedroom statement than by making it your own.

Decorate your room with unique personal elements – from hanging photos of your friends up on the walls to shelving up unique memorabilia, or setting up quirky ornaments that make you happy.

You could even consider painting a statement wall with colour that creates a calming, sleep-friendly atmosphere. But for less extreme measures, you could always add a dash of colour with some soft, statement bedsheets instead.


  1. Emphasising the bed in bedroom

If our bedrooms are our sanctuary, our beds are their crowning glory.

Your bed is the main place to fully reset and reinvigorate yourself for the following day. So it makes sense that your bed is the most comfortable spot in your room for your 7-8 hours of beauty sleep.

To create a sleep-optimal bed space, cordon off your bed from the rest of your room using existing furniture like shelves, clothes racks, or partitions. If your bedroom is smaller, you can incorporate a smaller-scale way of segmenting your room with rugs instead.

Finally, go all out on the perfect sleep companions that get you into a better position to fall asleep: from firm pillows to comforting bolsters. Don’t forget to top those off with a top-tier mattress for you to wake up well-rested and ready to tackle whatever 2022 throws at you.