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Getting In The Right (Bed) Frame

A woman playing with her child on a Sonno wood bed frame, surrounded by furniture and other decoration

When it comes to room decor and style, there is a lot of attention given to what is on your bed, but less so when dealing with what your bed is actually made with – or rather, your bed frame.

Although this is a lesser detail, good-quality bed frames are essential components of your cosy resting space. With the variety of different bed frames available, there’s a type of bed frame for every personality and preference.

However, the question remains: what really are the pros and cons of each type of bed frame, and how do I choose the right one?

 A bed with a leather headboard and upholstered frame, decorated with pillows and a comforter, next to a white bedside table with plants and other decorations.

For the discerning decorator

Unlike what their names suggest, leather bed frames are made mostly from hardwoods and covered with leather and cushioned with upholstery textures.

Honestly, it’s easy to understand the appeal of leather bed frames, especially for a tasteful dose of comfort. Plus, since they’re made from long-lasting materials, leather bed frames are durable and can be used for years. Much like a fine wine, its aesthetic value also usually improves with age. That’s not all – if you get tired of the look, tone-altering oils can be applied to the leather.

However, these bed frames can come at a price, literally. High-grade leather can be expensive and require a lot of maintenance to retain its elegant-looking surface. On top of regular conditioning oils, leather also needs specific cleaners to prevent discolouration or drying out, which would lead to obvious fissures in your bed frame.

Ultimately, while leather can be a good investment to and for your sleeping space, it might not be the best choice for those who aren’t ready for its upkeep.

A bowl of cereal and a book on top of a mattress, decorated by pillows, with a metal bedframe in view next to a bedside table filled with ornaments

For those who enjoy rustic exteriors

If you lean towards the more modern use of raw materials, metal bed frames are a cost-effective way to tailor your room to your personal style. Typically made of steel, iron or brass, these bed frames are known for their low maintenance as they’re less prone to dents, scratches, or insects than other bed frames.

Durable and incredibly lightweight, some metal bed frames even come with wheels to easily revamp your room, which is helpful if you enjoy changing your space every so often. Plus, they can be adjusted to fit the size of the mattress you have, which could be a point of relief for parents with growing kids or those looking to expand their families.

That having been said, they also come with their own disadvantages, with the obvious one being rusting. While metal bed frames need less maintenance, they’re the only bed frames that rust if they come into contact with moisture – which means cleaning them with specific cleaning products and materials to prevent this.

For people who enjoy watching TV or videos on their tablets before bed, metal bed frames can increase your exposure to electromagnetic fields and potentially disrupt your sleep. And most importantly, if you’re a light sleeper who wakes up at slight sounds, you might want to give these notoriously squeaky bed frames a miss.

A bed with a wooden headboard with a rattan chair, plants and other furniture surrounding it

For the contemporary and classic

Simple but evergreen, wooden bed frames are usually a safe choice of bed frame – and for good reason. Made from various types of wood, they are an asset to complement your overall bedroom aesthetic instead of having to be changed to match.

Evidently, one of the biggest benefits of having a wood bed frame is its sturdiness. Wood bed frames generally comprise thicker material and a hardier platform when it comes to the base and legs of your bed.

A big plus for customers is the relative ease with which they can be assembled – some even without the help of screws or screwdrivers – which then allows more room for personal customisation.

On the downside, wood bed frames can be pricier than metal bed frames, and are generally heavier than the other bed frames as well due to the weight of the wood used.

Yet that doesn’t always have to be the case: the Sonno Signature Bed Frame, for instance, is light and easy to assemble right at home. With Japandi – a mix of Scandanavian functionality and Japanese minimalism – influences, it has a classic design that’s sure to match any bedroom theme, or better yet: your top-quality Sonno mattress.