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Sometimes the best things in life are free. At Sonno, we want you to have the best sleep all night, every night. We have created the two best products to help you get the restful sleep you deserve - the Sonno mattress, and Sonno the pillow.

Now, we want you to try Sonno the pillow for FREE*. 

We're giving away 5 FREE* Sonno the pillow every month to 5 lucky winners!

Here's what you need to do to win a Sonno pillow and experience what it feels like to sleep on a fluffy cloud:

Step 1: After you've purchased a Sonno mattress, record a short 15 - 30 seconds video of you unboxing and unpacking your Sonno mattress from its plastic packaging until it is fully expanded. 

Step 2: Upload the video on your Facebook or Instagram and tag @sleepsonno with hashtag #unboxingsonno.

Step 3: Wait for us to announce the 5 lucky winners at the end of each calendar month and see if your video is selected!

Winners will be chosen based on creativity and the effort you put into your video, so give it your best to win your very own Sonno the pillow!

Here's a sample #unboxingsonno video to give you some ideas on your own Sonno mattress unboxing video. 

Read the Terms & Conditions for the #unboxingsonno video contest here.

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