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Wake Up To The Mouth-Watering Nasi Lemak Scent With This!


Wouldn't it be nice to really be able to wake up to that delicious nasi lemak aroma though?? Just thinking about it is making us drool... But let's be honest, a nasi lemak scented mattress - although a super cool idea - would probably make it harder for you to go to sleep at night.


What CAN help you sleep better though, is a Sonno mattress. Imagine sleeping on a fluffy, heavenly soft cloud that gives you the perfect support for your back - that's exactly how sleeping on a Sonno mattress feels like.


Try one for 100 nights now! What's more, we deliver to your doorstep for FREE! We're confident that you will fall in love with Sonno mattress, and if you don't, we'll pick it up at no cost and refund you 100% of what you've paid. Not convinced? We understand, but check out what our Sonno sleepers have been saying about their Sonno mattress on our reviews page!

Find out more about Sonno mattress on our website at and get better sleep today! 

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