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Sonno Mattress Lands At Common Ground

sonno rooms launch at common ground co-working

We are excited to announce a collaboration with Malaysia's largest co-working space Common Ground to bring Sonno mattress to the community.

Common Ground is redefining workspaces throughout Southeast Asia, with a community at its core and support services for the success of every business. 

You’ll never look at an office the same way. You won't feel like you’re going to work when you step into Common Ground. The spaces are artistically designed to inspire creativity and innovation. They provide you with all the essentials you need and more. Check out their packages here.

common ground coworking damansara heights

Sonno Rooms are a place to relax and recharge. Simply the perfect place for a nap powered by Sonno mattress.

Some of the benefits of the power nap:
• Rest the mind and regain concentration
• Enhance creativity and reaction time, lower mistake frequency
• Improve memory retention and clear temporary storage areas, allowing for new
information to be absorbed
• Recover the body, reduce anxiety and depression by minimising levels of cortisol
• Eventually boosts productivity 

Sonno Rooms are available to members starting today at Common Ground Damansara Heights and Bukit Bintang.

Schedule an appointment and come visit us. Send an email at info@sleepsonno.com 

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