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Losing Sleep during CMCO? Here's 3 Ways to Sleep Better during a Lockdown


Who does not love a good night’s sleep? Chances are you are not the only one trying to figure out a way to sleep better in this COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to NST, approximately 35% of Malaysians in 2018 suffered from insomnia; but since the government’s introduction of movement control order (MCO) that number has increased. The country (and the world) came to a halt and even with the different MCO variations, the lives of millions have drastically changed. 

But with quarantine and all us in our homes we should be having good sleep, right? Unfortunately, no. 

According to Health.com, the pandemic’s universal reach - where literally EVERYONE on the planet is affected by it - has caused an increase in anxiety levels which can lead to fragmented sleep or unusual sleep patterns.

So, a global infliction where the precious sleep of many are affected. Is there a remedy for this? 

Fortunately, here are three simple things you can do to get better sleep while in quarantine: 

  1. Stick to a sleep routine – Maintaining a routine will help put you back into a schedule and promote better sleep. Sleeping in (or slamming that snooze button) can cause our sleep to be fragmented therefore disrupting the schedule which our bodies were used to. Most people who stuck to a schedule or routine found improvement in their sleep. 

  1. Keep your body moving – While in quarantine our lives become confined to our homes therefore making our bodies more sedentary. However, this is the period where we should not neglect our health and fitness. Exercise keeps the heart pumping and builds muscle, which has been shown to improve sleep quality. When you sleep your body repairs itself therefore helping you fall asleep quicker and have less interruptions while asleep. Depending on the government regulations in your area, taking long walks, bike rides or engaging up with an online fitness coach can keep your body moving.


  1. Create your ideal sleep environment – Making small changes to your bedroom can give you the proper “persuasion” needed for a good night’s sleep such as having a diffuser, aroma candles, or dimmer lights etc. 

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With the current global pandemic, your lifestyle is going to experience drastic changes but the last thing you need right now is the lack of sleep. Therefore, give the three ways above a try and feel the change for yourself. After all, a good day begins with a good night’s sleep.