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How The Sonno Sleep House Offers A Different Kind Of Store Experience, From A to ZZZ

A Sonno window display with the Sonno bedframe, mattress, pillow, weighted blanket, and more, with the signage reading ‘Why fall in love, when you can fall asleep. Welcome to Sonno Sleep House.’


 Even before the past few years, online shopping has taken the world by storm. With products being sent straight to doorsteps, there is ease and efficiency around the process that helps you save time.

However, while there may be some who completely buy into the online shopping experience, even on high-investment products, there might be more discerning buyers who still enjoy the “try before you buy” mindset instead.

But now, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Say hello to the Sonno Sleep House: our immersive, multi-sensorial flagship store that lets you experience Sonno’s bedroom essentials exactly as how they intend to be used, so you’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting into.

Our little sleep company’s new milestone is Sonno’s first flagship store, located in Publika Shopping Gallery. Providing bed-in-a-box mattresses that are all ready for our customers to take home, which now means you can look, try, buy, and bring them home – all on the same day. And yet that’s not all that makes us stand out from the crowd, here are a few other little-known things about our brand new space.

A Sonno mattress, on top of a Sonno bedframe with Sonno pillows and a Sonno weighted blanket, with “Sonno” on a runner, draped across it

 But first, take a nap

Yes, we’re actually completely serious. What better way is there to try something you’ll be sleeping on, or with, than to actually sleep with it?

If the “Sonno Sleep House” didn’t already give it away, our flagship store isn’t just an ordinary place for everyday transactions, but also serves as a test run before you decide to invest in any of our products.

And honestly, we get it – bed products are a crucial investment for your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, which is exactly why we ensure all of them are made with premium-quality materials for the most optimum comfort and snooze-ability. Plus, to really get you into the optimum nap zone, our nap rooms will have curtains drawn to ensure maximum cosiness.

But hey, you don’t have to take our word for it. Now, instead, you can tuck yourself in for a good nap right at our store first!

Plus, if you do end up changing your mind, you can always rely on our 100-night free trial period to lessen your stress.

A corner filled with racks displaying different Sonno sleep products, as well as the cross-sections showcasing its materials, next to comfortable chairs and a table

 Up close and personal

If seeing is believing, we sincerely believe that our products pack a top-quality punch with their unique purposes, perks, and functions.

And, since we’re also firm believers in putting what we preach to practice, our Sonno Sleep House mirrors exactly that.

Boasting a multitude of different rooms decorated with all our items on full display, you can finally touch and feel anything you’re interested in – or everything in-store, if you’d prefer.

On top of that, you also get to inspect the materials used through a designated area for our product cross-sections – from our supportive pillows and ever-ready bolsters to the soothing comfort of our weighted blankets and our cosy, sleep-ready signature mattresses.

And if you really do like what you see – or rather, feel – you can carry it home straightaway. No waiting times, no pre-orders, no delivery schedules: all you need is some space in your vehicle to load your new nighttime best friend in.

Of course, if you’re really itching to come but still have relatively new sleep essentials, don’t worry: you could always swing by for some interior design inspiration instead.

A group of Sonno team members dressed in pyjamas, smiling at the camera

We wear pyjamas, all day

Yes, you absolutely read that right. At the Sonno mattress store, our team members get to enjoy the biggest perk WFH life gave them: working straight out of their PJs.

In the spirit of keeping everything at the Sonno Sleep House as cosy and welcoming as possible, the unique sight of everyone’s favourite attire while shopping is able to deliver an atmosphere of calm and friendliness while you browse.

And, since we believe that a happy team makes for happier customers, bringing a “relaxed work dress code” to a whole new level by turning sleepwear into our dress code means that our team members also stay extra comfortable and extra ready to help you find your way around the store too.

So if you’re ready to enter a whole new world of sleep, our Sonno Sleep House is located on Level G3 of Publika Shopping Gallery, or you can reach us at 03-6414 0324.

Not sure how to get there? Head over to our website to get directions and try our new Sonno Sleep House out firsthand. Just a warning: you might never want to leave.