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Guide to Good Sleep: Couples Edition

 An interracial couple, cuddling in bed, in the morning light

Although sleep is a fundamental human need, few people get enough of it. We're all too busy, stressed out, and phone addicted to get regular, quality sleep. Lack of sleep is a problem. And for many people, the person in bed next to them is the biggest culprit.

Have you just moved in with your partner? Been in a marriage so long you can’t remember a life without them?

Do you enjoy sleeping through the night with them?

Most people love sleeping with their partners and feel immense love, safety, and comfort through their sleep. Others' experiences have, to put it mildly, been less satisfying.

A Better Sleep Council survey found that 26% of respondents believed they slept better alone. If fighting over blankets, having to hear snoring, or feeling your partner move through the night makes it difficult for you to get a good night's sleep, Sonno wants to help you with 5 simple tips!

You may not need all of these suggestions, so feel free to pick and choose the ones that will benefit you and your partner the most.

Sonno’s Top Tips To Get Good Sleep as a Couple:

1.) Have cuddle time before bed, not during.

 An Asian couple, chatting in bed, in the morning light

The so-called love hormone, oxytocin, is released by physical contact. This hormone, according to research, increases emotional openness and empathy in humans.

Touch, and the oxytocin it releases, can help couples get closer. This makes cuddling crucial, but it becomes tricky if it means you can't fall asleep next to your partner.

Each night before you drift off to sleep, try cuddling and then separate and go to bed.

PS: If your partner needs to be held to fall asleep but you can’t bear to sleep touching someone, gift them a weighted blanket!

Filled with hundreds of thousands of glass beads, a weighted blanket applies just enough pressure, mimicking the feeling of being hugged while you slip into a deep sleep.

2.) Try to sleep close together, but without touching.

Manhattan psychologist Joseph Cilona says, “Sleep deprivation can cause devastating physical and emotional fallout. Electing to sleep apart can often minimize or eliminate sleep problems and save or enhance a relationship.”

Try being close without touching if being in actual physical contact with someone makes it difficult for you to sleep.

PS: If you need to cuddle someone to fall asleep, replace your partner with the a bolster!

3.) Get a mattress that makes life easier.

A couple chatting comfortably on their brand new Sonno Original Mattress

Sleeping with your restless partner is no longer a problem with Sonno Original mattress's zero motion transfer.

Your partner can move on their side of the bed without a second thought, with the assurance that you’ll still be in dreamland without a clue.

In fact, Sonno’s award-winning 3-layer original mattress works so well that a jump on one side of the bed won’t topple a glass left on the other side!

It's the perfect combination of comfort and support we know you need to wake up feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep. And if it doesn’t work after the 100 day trial, return it!

4.) Use separate covers.

Getting separate covers is a simple solution to put an end to your nightly amateur MMA fights!

Share a sheet but use two blankets, bedspreads, or duvets to help your sleep quality.

It keeps you warm while still being breathable, so you aren't too hot or too cold.

5.) Share your nighttime rituals. 

Perhaps you both could benefit from better sleep hygiene or habits if you both have trouble falling asleep.

An old couple comfortably holding each other while sleeping together in bed

An easy first step could be to give a guided meditation track or some white noise that promotes sleep a try. These techniques can help you both get ready for a better night's sleep.

Think of it as a group project that will help you feel closer to one another.

6.) Attend to any medical problems.

A partner who snores can destroy sleep for the other. If you snore, fixing the problem will help your relationship and sleep.

See a doctor for a diagnosis; remember, earplugs aren't a long-term solution!

Many, mostly minor, health issues can cause snoring, so get it checked out.

Everyone should love sharing a bed with their partner, not just tolerate it. Simple adjustments can improve your nights and strengthen your relationship.

The most effective way to improve your sleep quality as a couple is to invest in a mattress that minimises the effects of you both moving around.

Check out the Sonno Original mattress here and other sleep accessories to help you sleep better here!