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Sonno mattress

Regular price RM2,099.00 RM1,699.00 Sale



✔ 100 nights trial

✔ Free delivery and free return

✔ 10 years warranty

✔ Natural latex, memory foam and premium removable cover

✔ Unparalleled support and sumptuous comfort 

✔ No unhealthy pocketed springs

✔ No partner disturbance


Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Worth every penny

I had think for days before i purchase the mattress, really attractive by the product but not sure worthy or not. Finally, i decided purchase it since i spent 1/3 days on bed, i should treat myself better. After purchased, i received the mattress within promised period, and after i try it, oh my gosh, it worth every penny.

First at all, it feel comfortable, this is the first time i slept onto springless mattress but it very comfortable. And even without spring, the mattress still feel flexible everytime i wake up.

Second, sometimes i will face insomnia problem even very tired. After i tried sonno mattress, non of any insomnia happen again.

Therefore, i found that sonno mattress really worth any penny, we should invest in something we spent 1/3 day into.

I love sonno

My 1st time buy mattress
And also my 1st time buy sonno mattress
Very comfortable . I will buy future for my son . Thanks sonno ..
I want pillow!!

Sleeping like a Snorlax

Just as the title says, been sleeping so soundly that I don't feel like waking up. But it takes time to make adjustments, for example I feel it's initially warmer and the firmness takes some time to get used to. All in all l, very good product and hope the mattress lasts a long time to come.

Soft and supportve

Very comfortable and able to support a heavy person like me, removable cover makes it convinient for washing

Comfy SLeeps

Our previous bed was a nightmare for me especially when kids, my husband go on to the bed while i am sleeping, as I can feel the motion and wakes up to that. But after trying Sonno, I had very good sleep where I do not even aware when my husband is up or go to bed :)