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about us

We are an online mattress startup that enables consumers to purchase a high-quality mattress at an affordable price. We include free shipping, delivery in a box, 100-day trial, free return.
Designed in Italy to ensure the highest quality, we promise the best online shopping experience and utmost comfort.

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A painful shopping experience

You undoubtedly know that selecting a mattress is often a tedious, complicated old-fashioned process. In the past, you may have ended up buying what an unreputable salesman was pushing. Maybe you had the opportunity to lie on a mattress for a few minutes before the purchase, but it wasn’t enough time to allow for such a critical, life-altering decision. No more.

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Sonno is different

Sonno is different. We make having a great night’s sleep easy. You conveniently order online, the exceptional mattress comes in a box and you try it in the comfort of your home for 100 wonderful nights, risk free.

An unfair price

Why can we offer a high-quality mattress at such a competitive price?
Simple. We cut out the middlemen and pass the savings on to you.

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What we care about

What matters to us most is:

  • building a product that helps you sleep well and live better
  • designing a product you will love at first sight and feel
  • changing the way you shop for a mattress

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A company on a mission

Our mission is to make your life better, and a great life begins with the perfect night’s sleep. Hours of luxurious, uninterrupted rest give you the energy you need to get through busy days.
Sleep better, live better!

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What's behind the Sonno name?

‘Sonno' was chosen as a name because it’s Italian for ‘sleep’. Your bed is your intimate and personal space where you should feel relaxed, safe and utterly at ease. We don't take that for granted and have made it our mission to live up to that promise every single day.